We’ve constantly been working to improve your Sense experience; here’s a summary of what has been added, improved, changed, and/or fixed in April 2024.

 What’s covered in this release
Notable Fixe(s)

Minor bugs and issues fixed

Introducing our new @mention feature

The new @mention feature enables seamless collaboration on candidate profiles within the platform. Now, you can tag your peers on candidate profiles, and they'll receive notifications via email and in-app alerts, enhancing communication and collaboration. We have also enhanced the UI for a better user experience.

Here is an image of how the UI looks now:

These enhancements are designed to elevate user experience, streamline workflows, and foster effective collaboration. We can't wait to see how these features boost your interactions and productivity!

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Introducing Validation and Dependency Options in Pre-Offer Forms

We're excited to announce that the pre-offer form now includes Validation and Dependency options. Previously, the pre-offer form didn’t have the Validation and Dependency options. With these new options, you can ensure that the data entered into the form is accurate and meets your requirements. Additionally, you can set up dependencies, allowing for a more dynamic and tailored form-filling experience.

You must contact Sense TRM SPOC to enable it for your account.

Add Number-Type Questions in Questionnaires

You can now add number-type questions to your Questionnaire. This feature enables you to collect precise numerical data from respondents, enhancing the depth and precision of your questionnaire responses.

New Permission to Disable JD Score (External) Field

We're thrilled to introduce a new permission that gives Admin the ability to disable the JD Score (External) field on the Job Details page. With this feature, admins can easily control access to the JD Score (External) button directly from the admin settings.