★ What is Background Verification

Background verification is a process many organizations carry out in order to verify the information provided by the candidate during hiring. It involves various checks in which you will have to go through the candidate’s education records, past employer details, identity checks, resume checks, and address checks. The background verification process generally starts when the candidate clears all the interview rounds, and it takes up to 10 - 15 working days to carry out the process. Sometimes it may take more time when you wish to look for in-depth information.

★ Why Background Verification is Important

Hiring a new person is a big decision for any company. Whether or not the candidate will perform and fit into the role is secondary, but a lot goes on in the background before the person is brought on board. Performing a background check is your opportunity to verify the information provided by your job candidate. It can also reveal information that was either mistakenly or intentionally omitted.

Here are a few reasons why you should run the background check:

  • To provide a safe workplace for your employees and customers

  • To encourage honesty in the application and interview process.

  • To eliminate uncertainty in the hiring process.

  • Helps you build the belief that the candidate you’re recruiting is well-qualified and has the required experience needed for the role.

  • Successful background verification is an indication of the candidate’s honesty and integrity

★ The Background Verification Process in Skillate

You can order background checks right within the Skillate platform. This step comes naturally woven into your hiring plan and is generally placed after the Offer stage. Data collection, the verification, and delivery of results are all automated within Skillate.  At Skillate, we partner with multiple background verification vendors to help you automate your background verification process. 

➥ Reference: For more on partner list, please refer to the complete 'Integration - An Overview' article to understand the various vendors that Skillate integrated.

With Skillate, you can view the live status of the background check for every candidate and get notified once the verification is complete. Skillate also delivers the link to the verification report for detailed consumption.

You must enter into direct agreements with these background verification vendors to enable background checks. With some vendors, Skillate interacts with the candidate to collect the necessary background check information and pass it to those vendors. With other vendors, Skillate leaves it to the vendor to interact with the candidate and conduct the background check. The recruiter experience is seamless and remains the same in both these scenarios.

The list of Background Verification vendors with which Skillate integrated is shown below - 

➥ Reference: Please refer to the complete 'Integration of Ongrid' article to understand the Ongrid integration flow at Skillate.