Skillate allows you to create custom job fields and create job forms. The configured form will be available to fill while creating a new requisition.

Follow the below steps to configure the job form:

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Job Setup > Forms > Job Form.

  2. Click on New Field.

  3. In the following pop-up, select the custom field from the drop-down menu. 
    You can refer to the document here to add new job fields.

  4. The field title will be auto-populated upon selecting the field.

  5. You can also configure dependency criteria if required.

  6. Select on if the field should be displayed as a Mandatory or Optional field or turn it OFF.

  7. Further, choose if the job field should be displayed for the agency. 
    If you choose to display the field, the value entered will be available for the agency to view the job details from their respective agency portal. 
    Learn more about using agency portal here.

  8. Click on Add to complete the process.

  9. To get a preview of the form, click on Preview Form.