While you consider closing jobs faster, you might have to rely on external staffing agencies. And if you are a Skillate user, managing external agencies is made easier and seamless with Skillate’s Agency Portal.

This article helps you understand and get an overview of what the Skillate’s Agency Portal does and what are the advantages of having one in use.

Advantages of having the Agency Portal

  1. The Skillate Agency Portal allows agencies to work with multiple clients by a single login.

  2. Clients and Jobs Overview: Upon an agency logging in to Skillate’s Agency Portal, the Clients tab allows you to get the list of all the clients that the agency has been associated with.
    Agency Portal- Clients Dashboard

  3. The Clients tab also displays the number of jobs assigned, the number of candidates added to the job(s), and the number of the unique candidates.
    Agency Portal- Clients Dashboard

  4. Duplicate check on referred profiles: when an agency uploads a candidate profile, the system checks if it is an existing profile or not.

    If the candidate profile already exists with the system, the profile will be marked as Duplicate. It thus tells them that they may not receive the benefits in case the candidate is hired.

    The ownership for a candidate profile stays with the agency only for the defined ownership period. Agency Portal- Referred candidate details

  1. By logging in to the agency portal > client > candidates, they can view the status of all the referred profiles.

    Agency Portal- List of referred candidates

Note for Skillate users (clients for agencies):

  • When an agency is invited for the first time they will have to verify their email address to start using the product.
    (Please refer to External Agency Guide for more details about how to verify and login to Skillate Agency Portal)

  • You can choose to disable an agency, this will remove your organization from their portal. And will un-assign from jobs (if any).

  • You cannot delete an agency from the Skillate system.

  • If you wish to remove an agency from a job simply un-assign them from the settings or from the job sourcing page. 

Learn more about: Add Agencies and Agency Groups | Assigning jobs to agency | External Agency Guide