We’ve constantly been working to improve your Sense experience; here’s a summary of what has been added, improved, changed, and/or fixed in April 2024.

What’s covered in this release

Notable Fixe(s)

Minor bugs and issues fixed

Enhanced Meeting Invite Emails

Previously, meeting invites only included a feedback link and a resume link. 

Now, with this enhancement, the Calendar Invitation (such as interview schedules, reschedules, cancellations, and others) has all relevant details like the Job ID, Job Name, and Round name, along with the feedback and resume links in a structured tabular format.

This enhancement provides more comprehensive information to recipients, making the emails more informative and useful.

Improved Job Creation Process

When creating a new job, the Employment type and Employee type fields used to be pre-filled with default values. Now, these fields are mandatory and start blank, requiring you to select the appropriate types. This change ensures that each job posting accurately reflects its specific employment and employee type, leading to more precise and relevant job listings.

Enhanced Feedback Questionnaire Import Process

Previously, when importing questions from a template into the Feedback questionnaire, you had to select each section individually, which was time-consuming. Now, we've introduced a Select All feature that allows you to select and import all sections at once. 

Simply check the Select All checkbox, and all the sections will be selected.

This improvement streamlines the process, saving you time and effort and ensuring a quicker setup of comprehensive feedback questionnaires.