We’ve constantly been working to improve your Sense experience; here’s a summary of what has been added, improved, changed, and fixed in January 2024.

 What’s covered in this release
Notable Fixes



Enhanced Email Customization

Customize Your Organization Logo for All Emails

We are pleased to announce that you can now configure the organization logo for all emails, including system-generated emails. Previously, the customization options for email appearance were restricted to a few specific templates.

Role Name Display Issue Resolved

The emails displayed the role names with an underscore (for example- HIRING_MANAGER, etc..), which has now been identified and corrected.

These enhancements offer greater flexibility and control over the email communication experience.

New Permissions Implemented for Enhanced Security

Permissions for Share Via Feature

In the past, the Share Via feature was accessible to all users, allowing them to easily share referral links without restrictions. However, recent updates have introduced new permission settings that control who can utilize this feature.

Now, you can grant permission to specific individuals who can access the Share Via feature. 

This means that not everyone on the platform will have the ability to use the "Share Via" option anymore. Instead, only users with the appropriate permissions can access and utilize this feature.


Permission to view Default Fields

Previously, the default details of a candidate, like current CTC, expected CTC, notice period, and preferred locations, were openly accessible to all users without any restrictions.

Now, only individuals with specific permissions can view the above details of a candidate.

Overall, the implementation of permissions for viewing default details represents a proactive measure to enhance privacy, security, and control over sensitive candidate information within the organization.


Enhanced UI for Candidate Edit Fields

To enhance the overall user experience, the UI candidate profile section under the Candidate Note page has been upgraded. Here are the following enhancements:
  • The Public and Only Me options have now been enhanced to a toggle button. 
  • The share profile, copy resume link, and source trails buttons have been moved up.
  • Instead of displaying all notes at once, only the three most recent notes are initially shown. Users can view additional notes by clicking on a Show older notes dropdown, which reveals the rest of the notes.


Path: TRM > Candidate > click on any employee > right side 

Enhanced Feedback Experience

We’re excited to inform you that the feedback add remark box has now been realigned. You currently have more space to express your input more freely and comprehensively.

Introducing New Hide and Edit Options

Two new options- Hide and Edit, have been added to the Feedback section.

Hide: You can now hide the feedback box if they don't want it visible on their screen.


Edit: You can now amend the feedback before submitting it. This gives you the flexibility to refine your thoughts or correct any errors.

Introducing Auto-save functionality for a better Feedback experience

Auto-Save in feedback forms ensures unsubmitted values are saved. If values are entered but not submitted, they are auto-saved and appear when you reopen the feedback.

Overall, these changes to the feedback box functionality aim to improve the user experience by making it more user-friendly, customizable, and accommodating users' preferences and needs.

Enhanced Feedback Formatting

In the Feedback editor, text formatting, including bullet points, is now displayed correctly, enhancing clarity and organization in user feedback.

Rebranded Approval Tab to Approval Chain

The Approval Tab is now called Approval Chain. This change may help users better understand the process and workflow of managing approvals.


View Resumes in Pop-up Window

The website now opens the resumes in a pop-up window on the same page instead of in a separate tab. This change streamlines the user experience by eliminating the need for additional navigation steps.