[1] Onboarding Plan

                                                                                                                                                                  Release Date: 02 July 2023

★ What’s New

Employee onboarding can be time-consuming and stressful, but it is an essential step for every organization. To reduce this manual hassle, we have released an 'Onboarding Plan' feature that automates the onboarding process by streamlining various recurring and time-consuming tasks automatically.

The Onboarding Plan feature allows you to automate onboarding steps, such as sending candidate forms to collect additional information about candidates, document collection and verification, acceptance of company policies, and E-signing terms of employment. This will enable businesses to drive digital transformation and, at the same time, reduce dependency on recruitment teams, providing them with ample time to focus on other core projects.

▶ What’s covered in this release:

  • Candidate Forms: As of now, we have the default step configured as Candidate Forms. This step helps you gather additional information about candidates via Candidate Forms. Please check the section below for the upcoming functionality of the Onboarding Plan.


► Upcoming features of the Onboarding Module:

  • Acceptance of company policies

  • E-signing terms of employment. 


  1. You can create your ‘Onboarding Plan’ from Settings > General Configuration > Onboarding Plan section. 
  2. You can Initiate your Onboarding Process from the Onboarding section available on the Skillate platform. You can use this section to track the progress of your onboarding candidates, such as statuses like, To be Initiated, In Progress, Completed, and Cancelled.


► Benefits of the Onboarding Plan:

  • Enhances the onboarding experience for New Hires
  • Reduces the hassle of manual onboarding processes.

  • Help you keep new hires engaged till day one

  • Organizes and Simplifies the Paperwork.

  • Increases employees'/recruiters' productivity by giving them ample time to focus on other core projects.


Reference: Please refer to the complete "Onboarding Plan" article for more information on onboarding steps and process.


★ Impacted Skillate Platform

  1. Skillate Platform > Onboarding
  2. Settings > General Configuration > Onboarding Plan