★ Overview

We have introduced a new Employee Onboarding module in Skillate. This module will help standardise and automate document collection and verification of documents post the Offer stage and keep the candidates engaged so that they don't they drop off before the joining day.

How does the Onboarding module benefit your organization?

  1. Enhances the onboarding experience for New Hires

  2. Reduces the hassle of manual onboarding processes.

  3. Help you keep new hires engaged till day one.

  4. Organizes and Simplifies the Paperwork.

  5. Increases employees'/recruiters' productivity by giving them ample time to focus on other core projects.


[A] How to setup the Onboarding plan

The Onboarding Plan under Settings is where you configure the onboarding module. Here, you can define what touchpoints the candidates should receive and which employee should own a particular step within the onboarding. You will also need to specify for which department or location an onboarding plan is applicable so that every candidate getting hired in those departments or locations gets mapped to a particular onboarding plan.

[1]. Navigate to Settings>Onboarding Plan. Click Create New Plan. 

[2]. Fill in the name of the Plan. Click Create.

[3]. Once created, the plan will be in Draft Stage.

[4]. Click the name of the plan to add steps and customize it.

You can view the Onboarding steps and Criteria tabs

[5]. Click Add Step under the Onboarding Steps tab.

[6]. Fill the details 

  • Step Type: Type of the Plan. By default, it will be “CANDIDATE FORM” (only option currently available)
  • Step Name: Name of the step that can be filled according to your requirement.
  • Form Name: These forms contain questions about details required from candidates. These can be created under Settings>Forms>Candidate forms.
  • Assignee: One who has to verify the details provided by the candidate.
  • Mail Template: You can select the template to send this onboarding plan to candidates. These plans are available under the Settings>Email Template tab. 

Once filled in all details, click Save Configuration.

[7]. Click Criteria Tab.

[8]. Click Add Criteria.

[9]. Select Location, Department, and Grade.

NOTE: These details must contain different values than other Onboarding Plans. Otherwise, you will get an error message.

[10]. Once Criteria are added successfully, you can publish the Plan. Click Publish. The Onboarding plan will be activated only when you Publish a plan.

[11]. You'll be able to view the published plan.


[B] When does a candidate gets assigned to an Onboarding Plan?

When you mark a Candidate as Hired in the system, it would ask you for the details of the Department, Location, and Grade under which you are hiring the candidate. Depending on the values entered here, the candidate will be assigned to the right Onboarding Plan.

[1]. Click Mark as Hired. 

[2]. You can also go ahead and move this candidate to the next stage from the Candidate page.

[3]. Select Department, Location, and Grade. It will be moved to the respective Onboarding Plan.

[4]. Click Mark as Hired.

The Assignee of the particular Onboarding plan will get email confirmation about this.


[C] Find candidates in Onboarding under the 'Onboarding Tab'

You will find the candidates undergoing  Onboarding under the Onboarding tab.

  • You can initiate onboarding to eligible candidates here

  • You can review the documents submitted by the candidates 

  • You can send reminders, see the history of engagement with respect to onboarding and mark the onboarding as completed in the end.

[1]. You can just navigate to the Onboarding tab. You can see a list of candidates in the To be Intiated tab. But you can only initiate what is assigned to you.

[2]. You'll be able to view all the responses from all candidates. You can filter these responses according to Assignee, department, location, and Grade.

There are four different stages of the onboarding process.

  • To be initiated

  • In progress

  • Completed 

  • Canceled

[3]. Assignee can click initiate to start the onboarding process.

[4]. The candidate will move to the In progress stage.

[5]. Click the candidate's name. Start the steps in the onboarding plan. Click on the Start step.

[6]. It will email candidates to notify them about the onboarding process. The mail format is as you selected in the Onboarding plan.

[7]. The candidate can click the link and responds to onboarding questions and details. 

[8]. The Assignee of the onboarding plan can now check the details and approve/reject it.

If the candidate does not respond to the onboarding plan, you can remind them to send it again. Click Send Reminder.

[9]. The assignee will get mail once the candidate responds to the onboarding questionnaire.

[10]. Assignee can check the responses in Onboarding Plan>In Progress Tab.

[11]. Click the name of the candidate to view the responses.

[12]. Assignee can Approve/Reject the candidate's responses here.

[13]. If the candidate's responses are rejected, they must mention a suitable reason, and the candidate will get notified by mail about it. The candidate can respond again to it. 

[14]. Once all the questions in the steps are approved will be moved to the next step. Once all the steps are completed, if you want to edit the review, click Edit Review. Click Mark as Onboarding Completed to move the candidate completed state.

[15]. You can also track all these activities under the Activity Log tab.

[16]. You can move to the next available candidate to review. Click Next Candidate.

[17].You can export the details of this Onboarding step and the plan’s responses to the HRMS system. Click Export>HRMS System.

[18]. Select the integration. And Click Export. Click Submit.

Once the process completes, the candidate will move to the Completed Tab.


★ Reports & Analytics

You can view the Reports and Analytics of the onboarding module. 

[1]. Navigate to Reports & Analytics>Onboarding.

[2]. Click Generate now.

[3]. Select a Filter like the Onboarding dropdown (Select hired on and initiated on) and Date range. Click Generate.

[4]. Once the report is generated, you can download it. Click Download.

[5]. You can open the file once the download is completed. The report contains below information.

[6]. You can also schedule emails about these reports. Click the Schedule Email tab. Click Schedule now.

[7]. Click Move to Schedule.

[8]. Update the schedule as per your requirements. Click Schedule.

[9]. Now you will receive Emails about the reports and analytics about the Onboarding module every month to a specified Email address.