[1] The Background Verification Process in Skillate

                                                                                                                                                       Release Date: 02 May 2023

★ What’s New

Added below mentioned Background Verification vendors to streamline your background verification process in Skillate.

  • Integration of Checkr
  • Integration of Ongrid

Now, you can order background verification checks right within your Skillate platform. This step comes naturally woven into your hiring plan and is generally placed after the Offer stage. Data collection, verification, and delivery of results are all automated within Skillate.  At Skillate, we partner with multiple background verification vendors to help you automate your background verification process.

Note: You must enter into direct agreements with these background verification vendors to enable background checks. With some vendors, Skillate interacts with the candidate to collect the necessary background check information and pass it to those vendors. With other vendors, Skillate leaves it to the vendor to interact with the candidate and conduct the background check. The recruiter experience is seamless and remains the same in both these scenarios.

Reference: Please refer to the complete "Background Verification" & "Integration of Ongrid" articles for more information on background verification process at skillate.


★ Impacted Skillate Platform

  1. Settings > General Configuration > Integration

[2] Status page Integration for Skillate

                                                                                                                                                       Release Date: 05 May 2023

★ What’s New

Added the ‘Skillate’ integration to the Sense Status page (, where you can check the operational updates for all Skillate portals, whether they are operational or down for maintenance.


▶ What is the Sense Status Page

  1. The Sense status helps you check the live statuses of all the systems within Sense products, whether they are operational or down for maintenance.

  1. You can also check the upcoming planned Scheduled Maintenance and Past Incident reports.

Reference: Please refer to the complete "Status Page Integration for Skillate" article for more information on how to subscribe for the updates.


★ Impacted Skillate Platform

  1. Sense Status Page (

[3] New Referral tab in Recruitment Portal

                                                                                                                                                       Release Date: 15 May 2023

★ What’s New

Added a new “Referral” tab within Skillate’s Recruitment Portal for easier navigation. The Referral tab showcases the ‘Jobs that are open for Referral’ and a ‘list of your added Referrals.’

NOTE: The users with Site Admin or Job Admin access will automatically have access to the Referral tab based on existing referral permissions.  The users with Employee Role will continue to use Skillate Employee Dashboard as usual.


★ Impacted Skillate Platform

  1. Skillate Recruitment Portal > Referral Tab