★ What’s New

Added the ‘Skillate’ integration to the Sense Status page (, where you can check the operational updates for all Skillate portals, whether they are operational or down for maintenance.


▶ What is the Sense Status Page

[1] The Sense status helps you check the live statuses of all the systems within Sense products, whether they are operational or down for maintenance.

[2] You can also check the upcoming planned Scheduled Maintenance and Past Incident reports.


▶ How to Subscribe for the updates

To Subscribe for the updates from the Sense Status page,

[1] Click on the Subscribe to Updates option on the right side of the status page.

[2] Select the mode of communication on which you wish to receive the updates, such as Email, Text, or Slack.

[3] Click the Subscribe button and verify the Captcha.

[4] After successful captcha verification, you will receive a confirmation notification on your opted mode of communication. 

[5] Click on the Confirm Subscription link to confirm your subscription.

➥ Important: Once you subscribe for updates, you will be notified of all updates for all Sense products. For example, if you are using Sense Skillate, regardless of the product, you will be eligible to receive all updates for other Sense products as well.