Suppose a candidate in the hiring pipeline for a job has to be moved to another job— you can now choose if you want to move the feedback (interview details, any attachments) received on the candidate.


We have added a new Organization Settings (Settings > Organization > Configuration): Move candidate feedback from one job to another. It will be disabled by default.

If enabled, the check-box will be in the selected state by default whenever you move a candidate from Job A to Job B. However, you can un-check the box while moving a candidate from Job A to Job B.

You will find the check-box enabled or disabled (based on the organization settings) in two places:

  1. Add/Move to candidate to another job (from a Job > Candidates)

  2. + Add to new job (from any Candidate’s details page) 

Here is how you can allow/restrict moving previous feedback of a candidate from Jobs > Candidates:

  1. Navigate to any candidate in any stage within any job.

  2. Click on Add/Move to candidate to another job.

  3. Select Add to another job or Remove & add to another job.

  4. In both cases, the following screen will allow you to select a job and a stage within the job to which you would like to move the candidate.

  1. Also, you will find a checkbox to move the feedback received on the candidate along with the process. (The checkbox will be checked by default if you have enabled the settings from the Organization Settings page)

  1. If you choose to move feedback, the feedback will be available on the candidate’s details page.


If a candidate has a previously completed candidate form on Job A and when moved to Job B (re-logged), the form for Job B will have the values pre-populated based on the form on Job A. 

It will be available to view on the Forms tab within a Candidate details page.