Over the past two years, organizations have adapted to various workplace types and hiring processes. And most recruitment solutions became compatible with virtual interviews, online assessments, etc.

Skillate has added a new field called “Workplace Type” to all the job creation forms to incorporate the work model into your job opening.

Before you jump into the feature and its use cases, let’s take a look at various workplace type and their industry meanings:
  • Onsite jobs: Those jobs where the employees need to be at the office to fulfill the assigned duties can be termed as onsite jobs.
  • Remote jobs: Those jobs where the employees can work from any location other than the office operated by the employer can be termed as remote jobs.
  • Hybrid jobs: Those jobs where the employees are given the flexibility to work from office and remotely can be termed hybrid.
  • Temporarily remote jobs: Those jobs where employers can work from any location but will be expected to work from the office operated by the employer on a later date can be termed as temporarily remote.

Introducing the new ‘Workplace Type’ in Skillate

With the new feature, you can create jobs and specify the workplace type based on your business needs. 

The platform supports the following workplace type, and you can choose one of them at the time of job creation:

  • Onsite

  • Remote

  • Hybrid

  • Temporarily Remote

How to enable them?

For existing users: 

By default, the feature will not be available. However, you can opt for either of the two ways given below to enable the feature for the existing jobs:

Share the default status of all the existing jobs with the respective CSM.


Share job-wise status mapping with the respective CSM.

Note: It is a mandatory field once enabled. 

If you are a new user: 

the feature will be enabled by default.

Where to find the field?

The field, once enabled, will be available on the job creation form as a mandatory field. Apart from the job creation form, it will be available on the following pages:

How to add a ‘Workplace Type’?

  1. Click on +Create New Job. 

  1. The following page will find the field: Workplace Type as a mandatory field.

  1. Select a workplace type from the drop-down menu. 

  1. Proceed with further steps for job creation.

How to enable ‘Workplace Type’ on Careers Page?

You can also enable or disable the workplace type on the careers page using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Editor tab within the careers page configuration page. 

  2. From Job Listing, you will find two sections, namely: Columns and Filters.

  1. You can check the box for ‘Workplace Type' for columns and filters as required. By default, they will be unchecked.

    Note: By default, the field will be disabled for the careers page.

Give this feature a spin yourself, and should you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions- please feel free to reach out to us at

Until next time,

The Skillate Team

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