While adding a new user to your Skillate account, you can choose from the following user profiles:

  1. Account AdminHas complete control over the organization’s Skillate account and settings.

  2. Job OwnerCan create and manage jobs, access candidate database, and related reports.

  1. EmployeeCan access only the employee portal, i.e., have access to referring candidates, track their referral status and share referral links.

  2. External Interviewer: Cannot access the Skillate portal. These users will be part of the interview process and can submit candidate feedback.

  3. Hiring Admin: Can access and view the hiring pipeline and have limited access to change candidate status.

Apart from these roles, you can also purchase for the following additional user roles:

Marketing/Design: Can access and configure only the careers page and email templates.

Leadership: Can access and view the dashboard, reports, and entire job pipeline.

Onboarding Team: Can manage actions that follow the post-offer-acceptance and export hired candidates to HRMS.

Payroll Team: Can only access and manage the offer letter configuration and candidates in the offer stage of a job.

- You can get in touch with your Skillate SPOC to get more details about each of these roles and purchase them.