Pre-Screening Chatbot (Enhancement)

When you toggle the button ON for sending reminders from the Summary tab within any active chatbot, the system will trigger the reminders to all candidates who have not responded to the chatbot invites triggered in the past 24 hours

These reminders will be triggered twice at an interval of 1 day, only if the job status is 'Open'.
The setting will be applied to all future occurrences.

Other Enhancements

  1. Interview-related system reports have a new column added to them, called "Interviewer Type". This way, you can fetch if the person was an interviewer or a collaborator.

  2. Offer-related system reports have three new columns added. They are: Offer Decline Reason, Name and Email Address of the user who has generated the offer letter.

Bug Fixes

The system was throwing an error while using default candidate_email_id and candidate_first_name placeholders on an offer letter. It has been fixed.

If you would like to check out the entire list of feature releases and bug fixes for September and October, head over to our release notes: September | October 

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