Leegality e-sign
We have added new e-sign integration to our bundle.

Leegality allows you to sign documents virtually. While using Skillate, these come in handy for signing off offer letters. It also ensures that you have the offer letter sent to candidates for acceptance while keeping the respective stakeholders in the loop regarding the status.
Learn more about how Leegality Integration works.

Also, to ensure the seamless transfer of hired candidate details to HRMS- we have added ZingHR to our integration bundle. 

Please get in touch with your Skillate SPOC to enable the same.

Parsing Enhancement
When you attempt to upload a duplicate candidate, we check their email address as part of the parsing process and alert you if it is a duplicate

Other Enhancements

  1. Candidate experience survey questions can now be rearranged as required.

  2. We have added a Generate PDF button on the offer letters tab within a candidate card. These come in handy when the offer letters are not generated successfully due to a backend error; users can click on the Generate PDF to complete the process manually.

  3. At a job level, we now allow users to edit the feedback questions, change mandatory to optional checks (and vice-versa) and add new questions for an already submitted feedback questionnaire. But users cannot delete or disable a question once submitted.

Bug Fixes

  1. While attempting to send a bulk email using the Bulk Action button on the Candidates tab, the email was only sent to the candidates currently on the page. It was occurring despite selecting all. The issue is resolved.

  2. There was a UI glitch on the offer approval's mobile view.

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