Upon clicking on  Send via Leegality; all internal stakeholders (in the order mentioned while generating the offer) and the candidate will receive an email notification from Leegality with the offer letter.

The signatories will receive the email notification from Leegality in the same order you mentioned during the offer letter generation. 

The candidate will receive the email only upon all other internal stakeholders signing the document.

  1. From the email, click on the Review Document.

  2. The following screen will ask you to verify your email address using OTP triggered from Leegality.

  3. Upon verification, you will be redirected to Leegality in a new tab.

  4. The signature placeholder of Leegality will be already present.

  5. Click on Proceed to e-sign the document. 
    Further, Leegality will notify you via email with a copy of the signed offer letter.

Visit Leegality Knowledge Base to learn more about virtual signatures.

View Signing Status

You can view the following status from the respective candidate card:

  1. When the offer letter is sent for signatures:

  2. When an internal stakeholder signs the offer letter: The status also specifies the signatory’s email.

  1. When candidate signs the offer letter: You can view the signing time and also download the signed offer letter from here.

Learn more about how to send offer letters using Skillate-Leegality integration.