1. When should I use an Agency Portal?

If you have external agencies sourcing candidates for you, you can add them to your Skillate and provide access to them. 

  1. How many agency logins can I avail myself?

There is no limit to the number of external agencies you can add.

  1. Is there a provision for an agency to manage more than one client using this portal?

Yes, from the agency portal, they can manage all the clients who are using Skillate. These clients will be listed in the Clients tab in the portal.

  1. Will the agency be prompted if they are trying to upload a candidate's resume, which is already present in the system?

Yes, the candidate will be tagged as ‘duplicate’ if the system finds the candidate resume already present in the system.

  1. Is there a way to view the referral status for the agency?

Yes, they can view the status from the respective candidate card.

  1. Can I delete an agency?

No, you cannot delete an agency from Skillate. However, you can disable them to stop getting them listed.

  1. What is meant by a cool-off period for an agency?

The cool-off period defines the period for which the ownership of the candidate stays with the agency.

  1. What does “Not Verified” mean against an agency name on Skillate?

When you add an agency from Skillate, they will receive an email to verify their email. The tag “Not Verified” stays until they verify it through email.