Apart from the system-generated reports, you can also have custom reports for deriving specific details from your recruitment process. These are customized reports explicitly created for an organization. 


  • The custom report(s) is accessible to the user who is given access. If you have requested more than one report, all the users given access to custom reports can access and use these reports on Skillate.
  • The generated report will be available only to the user who has generated it.
  • In the case of scheduled reports, the users added to the list will get the same via email.


How to create a custom report?

You can contact the Skillate Solutions team to create a custom report for your organization’s Skillate account. Drop us an email with your requirements to, and someone from our team will assist you with the same.

You can specify:

  • The details that you need to capture in the report

  • The filters that need to be added to your report

Pivot Reports (Add-on Feature)

Skillate is providing Pivot Reports as per client request. Please note that it is an add-on feature and if you want it to be enabled, contact your CSM.

To get pivot reports from Skillate you will need to provide us with the data dump in an excel format along with the necessary pivots. 

The data dump should be filled with all the details that are required to create the pivot report. 

The pivots should be added as a separate sheet within the main excel sheet and please ensure that you have enabled "Refresh data when opening the file" for the pivot reports.

To enable the same, please follow the below steps:
  1. Click anywhere in the PivotTable to show the PivotTable Tools on the ribbon.
  2. Click Analyze > Options.
  3. On the Data tab, check the Refresh data when opening the file box.
We will further apply these pivots per the data dump you shared from the backend. Every time you change the data dump, it will be reflected across the related pivot reports within the sheet. Thus, we ensure that you are working on up-to-date and relevant data. Please note that the pivot reports will be available only in excel format.

How to find the report?

Upon creating the custom report for your organization, you can find them by navigating to Reports & Analytics > Custom Reports.

Tabs and Functionality

Like our system reports, every custom report will have two tabsGenerated and Scheduled.

  • The ‘Generated’ tab displays all the reports that have been generated. 

  • The ‘Schedule Email’ tab displays all the reports that have been scheduled and generated. It is when you want periodic reports for this particular scenario.



Generate new report


For generating a new report, follow the below steps:

  1. Click on Generate now button provided on the right-hand side of the screen.

  2. From the following pop-up, click on Generated to fetch the custom report.

  3. The following screen will have the filters listed. You can specify these filters while raising the request for a custom report.


Schedule report

You can schedule reports and even share them with other organization users. Follow the below steps to schedule a report:

  1. Navigate to the Schedule Email tab.

  2. Click on Schedule Now.

  3. The next step allows you to filter out the report. You can filter out the report based on job, hiring team, role, office location and department.

    1. Select as many jobs as required and the report will be generated for the selected jobs.

    2. You can also select job status and it will be applied along with the selected jobs.

    3. Select a range of dates based on the job creation date if you want to filter out.

    4. Select a user name (or more) and role. The jobs will be filtered based on the combination specified here.

    5. Select an office location (or more) and department. The jobs will be filtered based on the combination specified here.

  4. Upon adding all the required filters, ensure that you click on Add.

  5. Click on Move to schedule to start scheduling the report.

  1. Select a Frequency for generating these reports. You can select from Days, Weeks, Months, and Quarterly.

  2. Select a time you would like to generate these reports and send them to other stakeholders. You can choose a specific time or now and click on OK to save.

  3. Select users for whom you would like to send these reports.

  4. Further, you can enter a Subject and Email body and click on Schedule to complete the process.

  1. Upon generating reports- they will be listed in Schedule tab. You can click on the more options (three dots) to:

    1. View the sent report and Download a copy to your system.

    2. Pause generating reports. You can resume it anytime.

    3. Edit filters and schedule details for the report.