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Another month wraps up and here are the updates you can look out for in Skillate:


Exceptional Salary Approval

Here are a few enhancements for exceptional salary approval:

1. You can also use the feature when the offered salary is less than the defined salary on the job details.

2. The approval status shows 'Exceptional' if it goes for the exceptional approval process.

3. We have removed the Exceptional Salary settings from the Organization Settings page (as given in our previous release note). 
It is an add-on feature; you can contact CSM to enable the feature for your account.

Multiple Criteria

We have introduced the Multiple Criteria feature for user groups, hiring plans, job approval chain and offer approval chain. Users can use this feature to add one or more Department-Location-Grade combinations as criteria for actions, as mentioned above. Learn more.

Configure views for the ‘View Application Details’ and ‘Candidate About’ pages

1. You can now configure what needs to be shown in the Latest Application from Settings > Job Setup > Forms.

2. You can add sections with required questions (fields) and customize the view (from both Custom Candidate Fields and Application Form Fields).

There are two tabs:
  • Custom Candidate Fields: You can configure which application fields should be displayed in the Candidate Fields section on the ‘View Application Details’ and ‘Candidate About’ pages. Only fields linked to the candidate profile will be available to configure this view. You can make custom fields mandatory on the candidate's About Section.
  • Application Form Fields: You can configure how you want the application fields to be displayed in the Pre-Screening Chatbot Fields and Others sections on the ‘View Application Details’ and ‘Candidate About’ pages.
External Agency We have revamped the UI for Settings > Administration > External Agency.
  • Details tab will provide the agency’s basic information (existing feature).Assigned Jobs provides the list of all assigned jobs for the respective agency.
  • You can assign new jobs by clicking on +Assign Jobs.
  • Also, click on Unassign provided against a job to unassign it for the respective agency.
Job put on-hold When a job is put on hold, we restrict actions related to the candidate. You cannot move the candidate to the next stage or reject them. However, you can continue to use other action buttons from the candidate’s current stage. Again, this is not applicable if the candidate is in the Offer Stage.

Updates on System Reports

You can find these new columns added to the system reports:

Report Name

Column Name

Candidate Experience Survey

Candidate Status

Candidate Pipeline Report

Grade, Hiring Manager

Candidate Wise

Job Type

Other Feature Enhancements

  1. We have added a search bar for AOP (where you can search by AOP positions) and Job Template (where you can search by the template name).

  1. You can now disable a Department from the Settings > Administration > Office, Department & Grade > Department.

Once disabled:
The respective department will be disabled while creating a new job.
- No changes to the jobs where the department is created.

  1. The column Linked Field has been removed from the UI.
    And a new column called 
    Can approver view the field is added.

  1. When the agency is disabled, they won't be allowed to upload new candidate profiles. They can still view the status and receive updates on the candidates they have already uploaded before being disabled.

  1. You can now add dependency criteria to candidate experience survey questions. It is similar to our existing dependency criteria feature.

  1. The View Application Details (previously Latest Application) fetches the answer provided for “Do you personally know this candidate” while referring a candidate via the employee portal.

  1. The feedback link (if not filled) doesn’t expire upon moving a candidate to the next stage or round. Please note that it will expire if the feedback is filled out before moving the candidate to the next stage.

  1. We have added an Employment Type filter to filter out jobs based on the type. These are captured while creating a new job.

  2. A new sub-source- Internshala, has been added to the source- Job Portal. Whenever you upload a candidate profile, you will find this option.

New Permissions: 

  1. new permission is added for downloading the offer letter in word format. It will be enabled for Account Admins and Job Admins by default.

  2. We have released permissions for viewing the application fields on the Candidate About Page. It will be enabled for Account Admin by default.

If you are unable to find any of the above features:
  1. Navigate to the Settings > Administration > Permissions and Subscriptions page.
  2. Click on View Role Details provided for your role type.  
  3. You can view all the permissions granted for your role type.  
  4. Search for the respective permission name to check if it is granted for your role or not.
Please get in touch with your Skillate CSM or Skillate Solutions if you need further assistance.

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