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With more enhancements and features, we have made the platform more user-friendly! Look out for these features in Skillate.


We have revamped our candidate forms creation process and have introduced a new tab within Settings > Job Setup > Forms. 
The Forms tab now contains all the forms currently available on the platform: Job Forms, Internal Forms, and Candidate Forms.  
All the form creation part happens from the Forms tab. Further, you can map these forms to a Round in Job Hiring Plan. Read more.

Exceptional Salary Approval

We have added an option to set a step on the offer approval chain as Exceptional Salary Approval.

The Offer Approval Chain Configuration in the Settings and within a Job has a toggle button to enable or disable the 'Exceptional Salary Approval'.

If it is toggled ON, and the offered salary for the candidate is greater than the job's salary range (Job > About > Salary Range) → Skillate will notify the users in the 'Exceptional Salary Approval' step along with the other users. The criteria "All needs to Approve/Reject" or "Only one needs to Approve/Reject" will be applied as per the existing format irrespective of enabling 'Exceptional Salary Approval' or not.
Source Analytics We've brought in a bunch of changes. Read more. New Organization Settings (below Job Settings): 1. Exceptional Salary Approval: If it is toggled ON, you will get the feature enabled at your Offer Approval Configuration Page. 2. Job Description can be made mandatory by specifying the minimum number of words that needs for the description.

External Agency: Enhancements

  1. We have added a Search Bar for the agency groups.

  2. In the drop-down menu for Upload > Source- External Agency > Sub-Source, the disabled external agency names will not be listed.

  3. You can now search for jobs assigned to agencies using the Job ID. It is available in the Settings > Administration > External Agency and the external agency portal.

Offer Approval: Enhancements

  1. We have introduced an Exceptional Salary Approval feature. (As mentioned in Spotlight)

  2. Approvers can now view the respective candidate’s resume and the offer letter on the approval screen.

  3. While sending an offer letter for approval and if recruiters have added any comments- the same will be visible by clicking on the View Status for the approval.


We are happy to announce that Skillate is now integrated with two background verification platforms: OnGrid and Authbridge!

Upon hiring a candidate for a job, you can export the candidate details to these BGV platforms from within Skillate. 

Please get in touch with the Skillate Solutions team to enable these integrations for your account.

Other Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  1. While scheduling an interview via chatbot, you will get the Event Subject auto-populated as in the manual interview scheduling.
  2. You can now view when and who has created and updated a job template on Skillate.
  3. You can now view when and who has created and updated a candidate form on Skillate.
  4. You can now view when and who has created and updated an internal form on Skillate.
  5. New columns are added to some of the system reports. Below are the columns names along with the respective report names: Interview Report:
    Column Name
    SBU (Department)
    HM (Hiring Manager)
      Candidate Pipline Report :
    Column Name
    Initial Open Positions
    No. of Current Openings
    BU & SBU (Department)
    Req. Type (Job Type)
      Candidate Wise System Report:
    Column Name
    Candidate Phone Number
    Candidate Email Address
    Recruiter Name
    SBU (Department)
    Rejection Reason
  6. A scheduled interview can be now updated or cancelled by the respective organizer only. No other participants can edit or cancel it. However, in the case of a shared calendar, the users who are part of the shared calendar can update or cancel the event. 
  7. Attachments in Skillate now support .ppt and .pptx formats.
  1. You can now fetch a shareable link for a job that is published on IJP. Navigate to the job’s Source Candidates tab and then to IJP. If you have already published the job on IJP, you will find an option to copy the job’s shareable link.

  1. We have introduced validation for Single Line Text and Single Attachment types for Job Forms.

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