Adobesign enables securely signing documents, sending them faster, and managing them efficiently in the cloud. With this integration, you can send the offer letter generated from Skillate for e-signing with a click!

It ensures that you have the offer letter sent to candidates for acceptance signature while keeping the respective stakeholders in the loop regarding the status.

This article will help you understand:

  1. How to enable Adobesign integration?

  2. How to send offer letters via Adobesign from Skillate?

  3. How to sign or decline offer letters sent via Adobesign?

  4. How to view the signing status on Skillate?


1. Contact your Skillate POC to enable Adobesign as your sign integration.

2. You may have a valid Adobesign account to enable the Settings integration.  

3. Ensure that the email address used for Adobesign integration is already added as a user in Skillate.

4. If you are using the trial version of Adobesign, the integration will not work once the trial expires.

5. Once the integration is enabled from the Settings page on Skillate, it will be available to use for the whole organization.

6. For sending offer letters via Adobesign, you will need permission to generate an offer letter.

7. If you need any internal stakeholder signatures to be fetched before sending it to the candidate, ensure that the necessary placeholders are added.

Enable Adobesign Integration

Before proceeding, please ensure that your sign integration is Adobesign in Skillate.


You can check if the Adobesign integration is enabled for your account by navigating to Settings > Administration > Organization > Integrations > Sign Integration. If it is not Adobesign, please contact your Skillate POC.

If you have Adobesign listed in Settings > Integrations, click on Connect.

You will be redirected to the Adobesign login page where you need to enter the credentials and enable integration!

Formatting Offer Letter Template


You are a recruiter, and when you generate an offer letter, the first step is to get it signed by internal stakeholders. The signed copy has to go to the candidate upon getting them done.

Let's say that your hiring process has such a scenario to be addressed. 

While generating the offer letter from Skillate, add the following placeholders to the template.

  1. "Sig_es_:signer1:signature""Dte_es_:signer1:date"

  2. "Sig_es_:signer2:signature""Dte_es_:signer2:date"

  3. "Sig_es_:signer3:signature""Dte_es_:signer3:date" 

  4. "Sig_es_:signer4:signature""Dte_es_:signer4:date"


1. Once the placeholders are placed, change the font color of the placeholder to white so that it does not appear on the document. 

2. Skillate-Adobesign integration supports a maximum of 3 signatures from internal stakeholders.

3. Date placeholder will fetch the signing date of the signatory.

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Sourcing Configuration > Offer Configuration> Templates.

  2. These placeholders need no validation process.
    So, it will be displayed as not validated upon clicking on the template name from Offer Configuration.

  3. Navigate to the Form tab in Offer Configuration. 

  4. While creating a new form or editing an existing form, you can specify the number of signatures apart required candidate.

  5. Click on Create.

  1. Once the form is created with the required number of signatures, you can generate an offer letter for candidates in the Offer stage. 

Sending Offer Letter via Adobesign

For sending offer letters via Adobesign, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Jobs and go to any candidate in the Offer Stage.

  2. Click on Send via Adobesign.

  3. In the following pop-up, specify the details choose the template. And you will have either of the two cases below.
    (If you do not find the required template, you can create one. For detailed steps, please refer to this help guide).

Case 1: If you need internal stakeholder signatures before candidate signature:

Case 2: Without internal stakeholder signatures:

  1. Upon entering the required details, click on Send via Adobesign.

Learn more about signing offer letter via Adobesign.