This article will help you understand:

  1. How to enable Jombay Integration for your account?

  2. What are the pre-requisites to use the integration?

  3. How to add Jombay test as a round on Hiring Plan? 

  4. How can candidates access the assessment?

Enable Jombay integration

You can integrate to your Jombay account from Skillate by entering the Username and Password by navigating to the Settings > General Configuration > Integration > Jombay.

Enabling Jombay integration

Note: You should have a valid Jombay account to enable this integration.

Configure an assessment round

Now that you have the integration enabled, you can add an assessment round to your Hiring Plan. Follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to a Job > About > Hiring Plan.

  2. Click on +Round to the required stage.

  3. In the following pop-up, select the round name as Assessment.

Adding an assessment round

  1. Upon adding a round name, click on Create.

  2. From the created assessment round, click on Configure.

Configuring the assessment round

  1. From the configuration page, fill in the required details.

Configuring the assessment round

  1. Select reviewers from the drop-down list.

  2. You can select Jombay from the drop-down list for Test Platform.

  3. Please note that the Test needs to be configured from the Jombay account; the test will be mapped automatically to the drop-down menu here.

  4. Skillate will trigger an email to users upon a candidate completing the test. The users can be added while configuring the assessment.Adding users to be notified

  5. You can control some related actions by toggling ON or OFF:

    1. Automatically send assessment invitation to candidates

    2. Allow interviewers to see previous feedbacks on candidate

    3. Hide Scorecard

    4. Hide Overall Recommendation Section

  6. Additionally, you can configure feedback and scorecard for the respective round.

Send Assessment

You can invite candidates to take the online assessment via Jombay by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the candidate who is in the assessment stage.

  2. Click on Send test to candidate.

  3. Review the pre-filled details from the following pop-up and click on Send Test. You can add more panel reviewers from here as well!

  4. The respective candidate will receive an email triggered from Jombay with the selected test (from the Skillate platform).

  5. You can view the assessment status from the respective candidate card in Skillate. 

View Assessment 

You can view the assessment result either from the email sent to the panel reviewers or from the respective candidate card.


From email:

  1. The panel reviewers will be notified via email upon the candidate completing the test.

  2. From the email, they can view the test report and submit feedback.


From the candidate card:

  1. The candidate score will be available on the respective candidate card upon completing the test.

  2. The detailed test result can be viewed by clicking on View Result.

  3. Users can view the test result copy by clicking on View report from the pop-up.