It is another month's end, and here is the monthly round-up of what kept us busy! 


Custom Filters
You might be familiar with custom Application fields in Skillate. It allows you to create various forms and fetch candidate details while sourcing them. 

You can use these custom filters to filter the sourced candidates (Talent Pool and Candidates in Screen Stage) based on these custom (application) field values.
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Overview Tab
Offering a candidate a job and hiring them marks two crucial tasks of a recruiter. And here is what you can do with the new Overview enhancements.
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User Roles - UI update
We have revamped UI for User Roles in Settings > Administration > Permissions & Subscriptions.

Internal Milestone
Internal milestones are shown in the In Progress tab of a Job > Candidates. 

Users can toggle ON this organization level settings and the internal milestones will be shown on the candidate status in Agency Portal > Candidates > Candidate Card.

The details will be displayed in the format: Candidate Status: {{status}} in Job: {{job_name}} Current Milestone: {{milestone_name}}
3 Assessment Integrations We have integrated with three online assessment platforms: Assesshub, IPIX, and Jombay Export as .zip Upon hiring a candidate, you can migrate the candidate details to your HRMS from Skillate. We have introduced Export as .zip feature, which lets you download the candidate details in .zip file format. Please get in touch with your Skillate SPOC and enable the same from the backend. Further, you find the option Export as .zip from the hired candidate card.

Interview Scheduling: Enhancements

  1. You cannot add an interviewer as a collaborator for the same interview.

  2. We have made it mandatory to provide a reason for canceling an interview.

  3. While scheduling an interview, you can now view the collaborators’ calendar(s).

  4. We have added two check-boxes for the Interview Confirmation to the Candidate email templateView job description and View Organization description. Upon checking these boxes from the email template page, it will be automatically checked on the schedule interview (manual) page.
  1. New organization settings: Send auto interview confirmation to the candidate.
    Upon enabling it from the Organization Settings page, the check-box on the schedule interview page will be checked by default.

Pre-Screening Chatbot Enhancements

  1. The pre-screening invite link expires when the candidate moves from the Screen stage to another stage or is Rejected.

  2. Candidates who have completed the screening via chatbot cannot re-attempt the process.
    If they try to re-attempt, the chatbot will notify them on the chatbot screen itself. 

To enable the setting, 

  • Navigate to the Source Candidates in the respective jobs.

  • Go to Chatbot Screening and you will find a toggle button for restricting re-attempt

  • By default, it will be toggled OFF.

Candidate Details Page Enhancements

  1. Users can view Tags from the candidate details page as well.

  1. When a filter is saved from the Candidates tab (global level), it will be available at the job level (will be listed within Saved Filters).

These saved filters are available to view and apply at a user level. Implies, a filter saved by one user won't be displayed for another user.

  1. You can view source trails from the respective candidate details page as well!

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