You can filter out candidates based on their chatbot responses. On a broader level, you can filter out based on: Invited, Not Invited, Not Responded, and Interested Candidates. Filter based on candidate responses can further refine your search.


  1. Invited: All invited candidates will be listed.
  2. Not Invited: All those candidates who have not been invited for chatbot screening will be listed.
  3. Not Responded: All those candidates who have not responded to the chatbot questions will be listed.
  4. Interested CandidatesAll those candidates who have marked Yes to submit a response will be listed.

Find the Filter

  1. Navigate to the Candidates Tab or Candidates Tab in a Job.

  2. Check the box provided against Chatbot Screening on the left panel. You will get four options to choose from.

Chatbot filter on left panel

  1. You can filter out using the Invited, Not Invited and Not Responded filters or select Interested Candidates. 

Applying chatbot filter

  1. You will find Auto Screen Filters, and all the questions that have been added to the screening chatbot will be listed here.

  2. Enter the required values. Chatbot filter will filter them out based on the values.

Note: The Auto Screen Filter doesn't work for video chatbot responses.