1. What are job forms in Skillate?
    Skillate allows you to create custom job fields and use them for creating job forms. The job forms are used to fill out details while creating a job.

  1. Can I set up separate job forms for different jobs?
    No, you can have only one job form used across the platform.

  1. What are the permissions required to create a new job?
    Users with: CREATE_JOB can create a new job.

  2. What are the various ways in which you can create a new job?
    You can follow any of the following ways to create a new job on Skillate:

    1. From Template: Organizations might have a set of unique roles. In such instances, you can have the job description and other related processes created as Job Templates on Skillate.
      For the same, navigate to 
      Settings > Job Setup > Job Templates > +Create.
      While using this method to create a job, you will have to choose a job template created for a specific department and location.

    2. Copy from an existing job: You will sometimes be hiring for a similar job profile that you have recruited already. Copying the details from an existing job saves you time in creating a new job.

    3. Start from scratch: If you are looking for flexibility in creating a job, here is the solution. Any new job, role, position - fret not, Skillate allows you to develop your job description, hiring plan, and approval process.

      Learn more about how to create a new job.

  1. Why should I use Job templates?
    Job templates save much time from manually entering job descriptions and other details for jobs usually in use.

  1. What are the various pre-requisite for creating a new job?
    Before creating a new job, it is best to have the following pre-requisites done:

    1. Pre-defined Job Templates

    2. Global Hiring Plan Configured

    3. Job Approval Chain Configured

    4. Feedback & Scorecard Configured

    5. Internal Job Posting Enabled

    6. Job Boards Integrated

    7. Careers Page Configured and Live

    8. Offer Letters Configured

  1. What is the significance of having a Hiring Team?
    Defining a hiring team before creating a job ensures that the members are aligned for the recruitment process.

  2. What are the various roles available in the Hiring Team?
    There are:

    1. Creator

    2. Recruiter

    3. Recruiter Assistant

    4. Hiring Manager

    5. Hiring Manager Assistant

    6. Hiring Collaborator
      Learn more about hiring team in Skillate.

  3. Who can fill up the feedback questionnaire?

Interviewers and external interviewers can submit and view the feedback for a candidate. Collaborators added to the interview can neither submit nor view the feedback tab from the candidate profile link shared in the email. Learn more about feedback questionnaire. 

  1. How do I choose a chatbot flow for a job?
    You can choose a chatbot flow by navigating to a job details page > source candidates > Chatbot screening > Edit icon provided against Chatbot Flow. Learn more.

  1. How do I invite candidates for the initial screening process?
    You can invite candidates for the initial screening process to a pre-screening chatbot. You can also bulk-invite them from the job details page > source candidates > Chatbot screening > Chatbot Configuration

  2. How do I move candidates added to a closed job to talent pool?
    When you close or cancel a job, you will find the option to "Make active candidates inactive" from the job details page. Click on it to move all candidates who were not selected for the job to your talent pool.

  3. How to hide the “Overall Recommendation” section from the scorecard?
    You can attach a scorecard from any Interview round's configuration page within a job’s Hiring Plan, where you will find an option to Toggle the “Overall Recommendation” section ON or OFF. The changes will affect only this scorecard.

  4. How do I allow interviewers to view the previous feedback for a candidate?
    You can allow or restrict interviewers from viewing the candidate's previous feedback from any Interview round within a job’s Hiring Plan. You will find a toggle button to enable or limit the interviewers from viewing the candidate's previous feedback. The changes will affect only this job interview.

  5. I have added an external interviewer for one of my interviews. Can the user access our recruitment portal and make any changes to the interview?
    No, the user with the ‘External Interviewer’ role cannot access the Recruitment Portal. They can only be part of the interview process through the link shared with them via email.

  6. When will the interviewers receive the feedback link for a specific interview?
    Skillate will only share the feedback link for an interview with the interviewers upon completing the scheduled interview.