It is another month's end, and here is the monthly round-up of what kept us busy!


New Features

Revamped Employee Portal

Our employee portal is now compatible with both web and mobile devices. There are slight UI changes made for a better user experience. Take a spin yourself and do let us know if you have any suggestions :)

Release updates | Help guide

Agency referral limit

You can limit the number of candidates agencies can refer for a job.
It is a job level setting- navigate to the 
job > source candidates > agency. It will be set as 50 by default; you can edit it anytime. The same will reflect on the agency portal too.

Note: this feature can be enabled or disabled as required. Please contact your Skillate POC for the same.

Organization Description Document

You can generate an organization description document in PDF format from the entered details or manually upload a document. Learn more.

Candidate Form

Here are what’s new with our candidate form:

  1. The Candidate form is now mobile responsive.

  2. You can view the submitted date and time for the candidate form from a candidate card.

  3. Suppose an offer letter has been sent for a candidate. You can view the candidate acceptance status and the date and time from the respective candidate card.

Import File

  1. Import Grade 

Navigate to the Settings > General Configuration > Import File; you can now import grades from a spreadsheet.

  1. Bulk Import Candidates

A new column- ‘Referred By’ is added to the Bulk Import Candidates from Spreadsheet. The ‘referred by’ section will also reflect in the Source Trail.

  1. Import File- Users

User Status (new) column added to the Import File > ‘Users’ template.

Feature Enhancements

Careers Page

  1. Job Code
    'Show job code' to Careers Page > Configuration > General settings. If toggled ON, the job code will be displayed along with the job name on the careers page.

  1. Make ‘Upload Resume’ - a mandatory action on the careers page

From Settings > Careers Page > Configuration > Application Form- we have made the upload resume action optional. It will be enabled by default.


  1. Assessment Feedback

Users can now view the feedback added for any assessment round from the All Reviews in the respective candidate’s feedback link.

  1. Feedback Visibility

We have restricted the visibility of submitted interview feedback (through the link shared on the respective interview calendar invite) to only the interview panel members and the organizer.

  1. Internal Form on Feedback Form

You can now view the related internal forms from the feedback link on the interview invite and reminder email- only if the URL is private.


  1. Download JD

Navigate to the job details page, and you can download the job description by clicking on the Download job description.
Note:  If the company details section is toggled ON from the careers page configuration, the job description here while downloading will have the section added.

  1. Cancel Un-Hired Positions

You can now cancel any position from a job irrespective of whether a candidate is assigned or not.

  1. Restriction to moving stages for a candidate 

Suppose a candidate has been added to two jobs- Job A and B for Screen and Interview Stage, respectively.

Now, the recruiter of Job A cannot move the candidate to its interview stage. For the same, the recruiter needs permission to access Job B.

  1. Employee Referral
    Referring a candidate without a job is now permission-based. If it is not enabled, you can only refer the candidate to a specific job. Learn more.

Custom Fields

The number and date format are now available for the custom fields (that is: Jobs, Application, and User). 

While creating a new custom field, the users can select the type as Number and choose a format of INR, US, or None.

Job Age Report

There are two new columns added to the Job Age Report- Job Created and Updated Date.

Scorecard Preview

You can now preview the configured scorecard from a global or job-level hiring plan. 

It is applicable for both interview and feedback rounds added to the hiring plan.

‘Share’ jobs available for referral from Employee Portal

All the jobs that are available for referral can be shared easily by clicking on the Share icon provided against them (in Employee Portal). Learn more.

Candidate Attachment Format- .ppt & .pptx

You can now attach files of both .ppt and .pptx formats to a candidate profile.

Over to you...
That’s about it for this month. Please let us know what you think about new features and other updates by writing to We’ll ensure that it reaches the relevant teams in Skillate.

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