You can add candidates to a job in various methods while using Skillate. Here, we have consolidated all these methods into broad three categories, namely:

1. Import Candidates

The below methods allow you to import candidates to a job other than conventional methods. Click on the link icon to learn more about the respective method.

Import Candidate

Resume Mailbox | Skillate Hire | Bulk Import from Spreadsheet

2. Add Candidates Manually

Add candidates manually

  1. Talent Pool: You can move candidates already in the talent pool to a job. 
    1. Navigate to the job > candidates and find all the available candidates in the talent pool. 
    2. Click on Add to this job provided below the respective candidate details.

  2. Upload Button: You can click on Upload button from within a job details page and upload a candidate resume. The uploaded profile will be automatically added to the job.

  3. Add Referral Button: You can click on Add Referral to upload candidate resumes to a particular job or without specific jobs.

  4. Move from another job: Navigate to a candidate who has been part of a job already. If you wish to move the respective candidate to another job:
    1. Navigate to the candidate card or candidate details page.
    2. Click on the More options (three dots) and find an option to Add/Move Candidate to Other Job.
    3. You can choose if you would like to move the candidate by retaining the details in the former job or otherwise.

3. Others

Candidates sources

  1. Job Boards: You can enable job board integrations from the Settings and source candidates.

  2. IJP: You can a job for internal applications from the Source Candidates inside a job. Please note that IJP is an add-on feature.

  3. Careers Page: Once you have the careers page configured for your organization, you can publish the job with a click. 
    1. Navigate to Source Candidates in the respective job.
    2. Toggle the button ON provided against Publish this job on your career page.

  4. Employee Referral: You can enable referral for a job from the Source Candidates > Careers Page & Referral.

  5. Job-Wise Referral Link: You can generate job-wise shareable links and share them across your known ones or via social media. 
    1. Navigate to the Overview.
    2. Select the job from the Referral Link section to generate its shareable link.
    3. Click on Copy Link to copy the link to your clipboard.