Access to a job in Skillate depends on the user role, hiring team, groups, and teams. Let's take a look at it in detail.

Before we jump into the details, here are the terminologies that you will need to be familiar with:

Whenever a new user is added to the Skillate, they are assigned any of the following user roles:
1. Site Admin
2. Job Admin
3. Employee
4. External Interviewer
5. Hiring Manager
Learn more about adding users

Hiring Team: You can add a set of users to its hiring team for every job. The user who has created the job will be added as the job creator and cannot be removed from the hiring team. Learn more.

Groups: You can create groups based on specific office location-department-grade combinations. You can create a job specifically for office location-department-grade combination. Learn more.

Teams: You can define teams with a team manager and team members. These can be named after actual teams that are in use within your organization. Learn more. 

Suppose you have created a job. The job will be accessible to:

  1. You- being the creator of the job.

  2. All the members of the hiring team. (For editing a hiring team, navigate to respective job > About > Hiring Team)

  3. All the members of the specific group(Only if a group has been defined from the Settings > Users > Groups with the same location-department-grade combination as that of the job)

  4. team manager can view all the team members' jobs where they have been added as part of the job hiring team. (For creating teams, navigate to the Settings > Users > Teams)