If you are using Indeed, LinkedIn, Naukri, or JobsForHer to source candidates for jobs, Skillate has enabled a job board feed. 

Using Skillate’s Job Board Feed API, you can publish all the jobs on the careers page to any job boards mentioned above.

  • Skillate will generate an XML job feed for every job listing on the careers page. A job board also has some specifications related to the style and the format of the feeds they can process. After matching it with Skillate’s feed, the job board republishes the feed on its portal.

  • Then, at regular intervals, the job board runs a scan for any changes made in the XML job feed from Skillate. Any changes made for the job on Skillate are reflected in the job posting on the job board.

  • The XML files thus help job boards simultaneously update every job listing on their portal.

Skillate API for Job Board Feed

All you need to do is: use the below Skillate API in any of the four job boards as required.{careers-page-sub-domain}/{job-board}.xml

Your careers page sub-domain will replace the {careers-page-sub-domain} and job board name-indeed, naukri, linkedin or jobsforher will replace the {job-board}.

Response Format

When you call this API from the job board, the response will be in the format below: