As we close the first quarter of the year, we have made a few changes to the Skillate app.


Major Feature Upgrades

Multiple Milestones

We have removed the restriction of having only 5 milestones and now users can add up to 15 milestones. The same will reflect on milestone analytics. Learn more.

WhatsApp icon added to Job Details page in Careers Page

From the job details page, clicking on the WhatsApp icon will allow anyone to easily share the link to the respective job. Clicking on the icon will open a page like this:

You can either manually copy and paste the link to your WhatsApp chatbox 
Click on Continue to Chat which will open your WhatsApp web. Receivers can be selected and click on the Send icon to share the job details.

Careers Page: Add ‘About {{Company}}’

From Careers Page > Configuration- users can toggle the button on for adding the organization description to each of the job details pages. The description will be fetched as provided in the Settings > Administration > Organization > Basic Details.

Note: If toggled ON, the changes will be applied for all the jobs published on the careers page.

Important: While scheduling an interview for a candidate in a job, (created after enabling the "About Company" section)- the job description attached to the interview email will also have the 'About Company' section

Multiple HRMS

You can now export a hired candidate to multiple HRMS from the respective candidate card. The Admin should enable the required HRMS. You can click on the required HRMS and fill out the form from the following pop-up.

Other Enhancements

Job-wise application questions

You can add questions to the prepared application forms for Careers Page, Referral, Agency, and IJP

For the same, navigate to any jobs > Source Candidates > Application Questions. And follow the steps as in creating a questionnaire.

Please note that only those fields that are not in use will be available to add. The rest (those fields which are already used in the respective application form) will be disabled.

The questions added will reflect only in that particular job.

Offer Configuration Enhancements

Dependency Criteria

You can now add dependency criteria to the offer letter forms. For the same, navigate to the Settings > General Configuration > Offer Configuration > Form. While adding a new field, you will find an option to add dependency criteria for the respective field.

Hence, the form field with dependency criteria will be displayed only upon satisfying the defined dependency criteria. The functionality remains the same as in the existing application forms.

Offer Field Identifier

While creating a custom offer field, the user can choose the field identifier for the Number and Date fields

For Number → Total Salary and Notice Period

For Date → DOJ

Use case: While generating reports, the column header will be named as Field Identifier and the values (Total Salary, Notice Period, and DOJ) will be mapped automatically. 

Referral: new notification

You can toggle the button ON to Send referral alert from the Organisation Settings page.

Once the alert setting is toggled ON from the Global Settings and recipients are added: as a job is created and referral is enabled for the respective job, all the recipients added from Sourcing Configuration > Referral will be notified via email.

DocuSign Enhancements

You can add employee signatures and signing dates placeholders to the offer letters while sending them via DocuSign. 

DocuSign will automatically place the respective signature placeholders on the document; hence users can avoid manually placing the signature placeholder from DocuSign. Learn more.

The DocuSign integration should be enabled from the Integrations is Settings. 

Have an offer letter template ready with placeholders for the employee(s) and candidate signatures and date of signing.

Upload an offer template with the following placeholders.
Company Signature: {{organization_signature_1}}
Company Signature: {{organization_signature_2}}
Company Signature: {{organization_signature_3}}
Candidate Signature: {{candidate_signature}}

Date of signing placeholders:

These placeholders need no validation process. So, it will be displayed as not validated upon clicking on the template name from Offer Configuration.

The placeholders are added only if the organization has an additional process of getting employee signature(s) before sending the document to the candidate. Otherwise, the process remains the same as before.

Organization Settings

We have added a new setting in Organization Configuration: Include a private feedback link on the interview invite

When you toggle this setting ON, a link to submit the feedback will be included in the calendar invite (for scheduled interview).  It can be accessed only by entering Skillate credentials, restricting its access to only interviewers.

Internal JD is the same as External JD

When you want to use the same job description for both internal and external job descriptions, you can check the box provided below the External Job Description on the job creation page, and automatically it will be copied.

Please note that for all the new jobs, by default, the checkbox will be enabled.

Scorecard & Feedback- UI updates

The scorecard and feedback section within a candidate details page has got UI changes as follows:


Users can download a copy of the scorecard from the same screen.


Over to you...

That’s about it for this month. Our teams continue to work on improvements that we can’t wait to see you put to use.

If you have any queries, doubts, or suggestions- feel free to reach out to us at 

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