Skillate's Milestones are nothing but your organization’s recruiting pipeline. It helps in tracking candidates and hiring stages in one place. Candidates enter the hiring process from Screen and move by each milestone stages before reaching the final milestone, which is Offer.

Permission: Users with Edit Milestones permission can add milestones to the hiring plan from the settings.

More milestones, better visibility!

We are happy to announce multiple milestones feasibility in Hiring Plan. 

Below are the major enhancements we have brought in with this release:

  • Add up to 15 milestones to your hiring plan 
  • Enhanced and user-friendly UI
  • Detailed milestone analytics 

For adding milestones, you can navigate to the Milestone Configuration from the Settings > Job Setup > Hiring Plan. Learn more about hiring plan in Skillate here.
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When you add a new milestone, it will be reflected for all the existing jobs. 
However, stages added at the global level for the new milestone will not be applied automatically to an existing job. 
You will have to add the stage manually (if required) from the job level hiring plan settings.

UI Updates

If you are an existing user, below are the significant UI changes you will find along with this feature release. 

We have summarised it module-wise below and the 'before and after' screenshots for better understanding. Please click on the screenshots to zoom in.

1. Overview

2. Jobs

3. Candidates in a Job

The left panel lists all the stages and rounds within a milestone. You can click on a milestone or its respective stage(s) to view the candidates in it.

4. Hired, On Hold, Rejected- UI

Give this feature a spin yourself, and should you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions- please feel free to reach out to us at

Until next time,

The Skillate Team

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