New year, new look, and new features- that is pretty much how we kick-started the year 2022!

What's new?

Introducing Enhanced and Easy-to-Setup Careers Page

Your careers page is in a way, a marketing pitch. It can make an unforgettable first impression in attracting job seekers and converting them to applicants. In short, the careers page is an effective candidate sourcing method you can rely on.


Skillate allows you to set up your careers page from scratch. 

With user-friendly steps and no coding assistance, you can now set up your own careers page via Skillate. Learn more.


Updates on Scorecard 

  1. We have introduced Manage Scorecard on the Hiring Plan details page. It allows users to import pre-defined scorecard sections and groups directly to the hiring plan. Learn more

  2. UI update: We have added a search bar to the job scorecard (from any Job > About > Scorecard), where users can type a keyword and search from the list of available sections. 

Updates on Hiring Plan

  1. UI update: Stages are displayed in the form of tabs.

  1. Hiring Plan that is defined specific to location, department, and grade are editable. 
    Please note that jobs created (after making the changes) matching the department-location-grade criteria will have the hiring plan (defined specific to department-location) mapped as its default hiring plan. Learn more



Updates on Internal Forms

  1. Users can edit the internal form name from the Settings > General Configuration > Internal Forms > Edit icon against the form name.

  2. While configuring internal forms (from job hiring plan or global hiring plan), the process has been made similar to configuring a candidate form. 

    1. Email template tab allows configuring the email content which has to be triggered upon submitting the form.

    2. Notifications tab allows adding users who should be notified upon the form submission.

Learn more about how to configure email and set up notifications here.

Other Feature Enhancements

Export as CSV (Users)

While exporting the list of users from Settings > Administration > Users > Export as CSV- all the fields, including custom fields displayed and department, grade, location are exported to the sheet.

Internal and External JD & Skills

When a candidate source is internal → while scheduling an interview and sending an offer letter, the JD attached will be as provided in the Internal Job Description and Skills while creating the job.

Similarly, when a candidate source is anything other than internal → while scheduling an interview and sending an offer letter- the JD attached will be as provided in External Job Description and Skills while creating the job.

Video Chatbot Enhancements

The video chatbot allows candidates to upload their introductory video via the chatbot. It has no time limit but, the video size shouldn’t be exceeding 100MB. The candidate will be prompted with an error if it exceeds the size limit.

Offer Letter Configuration

While generating an offer form, the custom placeholders from the offer template are automatically mapped. Which earlier was done by clicking on the New Field.

Over to you...

That’s about it for this month. Our teams continue to work on all sorts of improvements that we can’t wait to see you put to use.

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