With a bundle of enhancements and feature releases, the month of December has been eventful for the team Skillate. 

And as we wrap up the year 2021, here are the major updates in the app during December 2021.


Internal Forms:

Users can set a new round on job and global hiring plan called “Internal Forms”. These are used for adding candidate details that can be shared among the internal stakeholders only. 

Learn more: Internal Forms | Adding Internal Form Round

Updates on Scheduling interview: 

  1. Force cancel interview: After scheduling an interview, if the user deletes the event from their respective calendar (and not from Skillate). 
    Now, when the user tries to delete the interview from Skillate- an option to Force Cancel will be displayed. 

  1. Shared Calendar (only for Google Calendar) for interview scheduling- When you are scheduling an interview for a candidate, the users in the shared calendar with "Make changes and manage to share" permission can edit & delete the interview from Skillate.

If any user is added as an interviewer but not part of the shared calendar- the respective user cannot edit the interview from Skillate. Learn more.

Email Branding

From Setup > Email Templates, users can add a logo, description, and links to social media pages to the email(s) that are automated from Skillate. The logo will be captured automatically from the Settings > Administration > Organization.

Here is how the email will look like (highlighted are the branding elements that the user can configure):

Other Enhancements

  1. Users can now DISABLE a rejection reason which is already in use (as the reason cannot be deleted). By doing so, the rejection reason will not be listed to use again.

  1. The salary field can be made a mandatory field while creating a new job. Navigate to the Settings > Administration > Organization > Configuration and toggle the button ON provided against the Make salary field mandatory in the job.

  2. New Field Type for Offer Letter- Decimal, Single, and Multiple attachments.

  3. Offer acknowledgment template (upon a candidate accepting or rejecting an offer) is now available in Settings > General Configuration > Email Templates.

  4. Sample download for Job Template (Settings > General Configuration > Import File) has got a new column added: Internal Job Description.

    Users can download an uploaded file from Settings > General Configuration > Import File.

UI Enhancements

  1. We have revamped UI for Approvals and Reports & Analytics modules.

  1. The milestone name is displayed while hovering over the milestone count on Jobs.

Over to you...

We’ve covered all new updates in this release note and our teams continue to work on all sorts of improvements that we can’t wait to see you put to use. Feel free to reach out to us at solutions@skillate.com 


Looking forward to a very Happy New Year, 2022!


Until next time,

The Skillate Team

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