Skillate allows you to upload candidate resumes to Skillate sourced from various sources. You can further choose a source and even select a sub-source.

Follow the below steps to upload a candidate resume:

  1. Navigate to the Candidates. 

  2. Click on Upload.
    Upload candidate resume

  3. You can choose a source from the list of sources.
    Uploaded: it is an open field where you can have the resume source kept customized.
    Referral: If you have received the resume via referral, the same can be chosen here.
    Job Portal: If you haves sourced the resume via any of the job boards. From the sub-source, you can select the job board.
    Social Media: If you have found the resume from any of the social media channel.
    Campus: If you have sourced the resume while on a campus drive, choose for this option. And in the sub-source you can mention the source name.
    Walk-in: if the candidate's resume was received while on a walk-in interview.
    Adding source while uploading candidate resume

  4. Click on Browse, drag and drop the resume to upload the file.
    Upload candidate resume

  5. You can add tags to the resumes that you have uploaded. These help in filtering out resumes from the Candidates module.

    Note: Click on Manage Tags to add any new tags to the list. 

  6. Click on Start Upload to complete the process.