Having a preset email template saves you a lot of time in drafting emails repeatedly. Skillate allows you to have the templates for various scenarios in the recruitment process.

This article takes you through:

  1. How to add new email templates on Skillate?

  2. What are the editing and updating options available for the email templates?

Adding an Email Template

  1. Navigate to the Settings > General Configuration > Email Template.

  2. Click on New Template.

  3. Specify the email template name in the following pop-up, choose a template type, and upload the template.
    Adding new email template
  4. Upon creating it, you can find the same listed in Email Templates.

Editing and Managing Email Templates

For updating the email template on Skillate:

  1. Navigate to the Settings > General Configuration > Email Template.

  2. Click on the required template name in the list provided.

  3. From its details page, click on Edit.

  4. You can make any changes in the Subject, Body of the email, or Attachment from this screen.
    Editing and managing email templates
  5. Click on Update to save the changes.

What are Email Template Types?

Email template type acts as a folder for specific kinds of email templates. 

You can add one or more email templates within an email template type and select the required one while performing the particular actions. Skillate provides 16 email template types to choose from.

Consider this example: you created two email templates with the Revoke Offer Letter Template. It implies you will have three email templates to choose from while canceling a sent offer letter. 
Please refer to the screenshot below:

The 16 email template types are system-generated, and we keep adding new email template types to the list as we enhance our product.

These email template types are named according to the action/step, just like revoking the offer letter in the above example.

The General Email Template type manages all the general communications you need to send to candidates. These are available from the Candidate Tab > Candidate Details Page > Send email and Candidate Tab > Bulk Action > Send email.