Once you have logged in to the employee portal, you will be able to view the following tabs. This article will help you understand each of the tabs which are available on the employee portal.

Our Employee Portal is mobile friendly!



The overview section of the employee portal helps you with:

Upcoming or pending tasks

  1. Filter out your dashboard view.
    Employee portal overview

  2. Status of the scheduled interviews, and direct links to attend them.
    Employee portal overview

  3. Click on Go to interview to get more details about the candidate and the scheduled interview.

Employee Portal- View Interview Details

By default, you will be navigated to the Feedback tab of the interview.

Share referral link

You can generate referral links for the talent pool or for a specific job.

Get job-specific shareable link

By default, the referral link would be generated for the Talent Pool. In order to generate for a specific job, click on the drop-down menu and select the required job. Click on Copy Link to get the respective referral link copied to the clipboard.

Note: You can click on the Referral Policy to view or download the organization's referral policy.

IJP (if enabled for your organization)

Accessing IJP from Employee Portal

To access your organization’s internal job portal, click on the Internal Job Posting. It will redirect you to IJP tab. You can view and apply for jobs that are open for internal hiring without having to leave the page. To learn more about applying for a job via Internal Job Posting, click here.

You can add referrals to a specific job or submit a profile without any specific job, by clicking on the Upload button on the top right corner of the screen.


  1. The Referrals > Referral Jobs module displays the list of jobs that are available for submitting referrals. 
    Employee Portal- View Jobs Open for Referral
    1. Click on the Job Name to view the job details and refer a candidate.
    2. The Uploaded Resumes column displays the total number of candidate profiles that you have submitted for the respective job.
      By clicking on Referral Policy, you can view the organization’s referral policy
    3. Click on Add Referral to upload a candidate's resume for the job.
    4. Click on the Share icon to fetch a shareable link to the job or directly share it in various social media channels.Employee Portal- get job-specific shareable link
  2. The Referrals > My Referrals module will display the candidate profiles that you have referred altogether. You can also filter the profiles job-wise.
    Employee portal- viewing referral made

IJP (if enabled for your organization)

If IJP is enabled for your organization, you can view and apply for jobs that are available for internal hiring within your organization.

Employee Portal- accessing IJP

1. Use the Filter to filter out the jobs as per Location, Department, Grade, and Employee Role.Employee portal- apply filter for jobs on IJP

2. Click on any job to view its details, apply, and also copy the job link which can be shared across.

3. Click on View Internal Job Policy to view the organization's internal job policy.

Approvals (if enabled for your organization)

The approvals tab displays all the pending, rejected and approved job and offer letters.

Clicking on any of the jobs or offer letters will display the respective details.
Employee Portal- Filter job and offer approval

My Profile

Navigate to the top right corner of your screen, and click on the profile icon > My profile.

View profile details on Employee Portal

  1. My Profile
    The section allows you to edit your details on Skillate. Click on Edit to update it. 
    If you would like to set up a new password, click on the Change Password.Employee portal- My Profile
  2. My Subscription
    It allows you to manage the notifications that you want to receive during various instances.

    Manage notifications for employee portal

You can toggle ON or OFF as required from here.