When an agency logs in to an agency portal, the Clients tab displays the list of clients who are associated with the agency.

Agency portal dashboard

When you are on a particular client page, click on the drop-down menu to switch between clients.Switch between clients in agency portal

Jobs Tab

  1. By clicking on any of the names, it will navigate to the respective client’s Jobs tab.
    View jobs assigned by the client

  2. You can view the job status, the number of candidates added to the job, and out of which the number of unique candidate profiles.
    View referred candidate details

  3. Clicking on the job name will display the respective job details.
    View assigned job details

  4. For associating a candidate for the job, click on the upload icon provided against the job name.

  5. Fill in the details and click on Add to complete the process.
    Refer a candidate from agency portal

Suppose the referred candidate is the one who has been already associated with the same client's same job, you can view only one candidate from the candidate list view. The details of the candidate will be updated as per the details you have provided here during this step.

Candidates Tab

The Candidates tab provides you with a list of the candidates who are associated with the client. Below are the various functions available for easy and better use:

View referred candidates from candidates tab

  1. Navigate to the Job Name provided on the right side of the page to filter out candidates as per jobs.
    By default, it will display for 
    All Jobs category.
    View all referred jobs

  2. Upon selecting a job, you can proceed to Bulk Action as well. It helps you edit the candidate details in one shot.
    Upon updating the details, click on 
    OK to close the pop-up.
    Edit candidate details

    You can perform a bulk action only upon selecting a job.

  3. The candidate card provides details about the candidate. 
    Against each of the candidates, you can view the respective job and candidate profile status.
    View referred candidate details

  4. For choosing a job, click on the drop-down provided for Referred to <n> job

  5. You will get to view the details about the candidate after associating with the job.

View referred candidate details

  1. For uploading a candidate profile for the client (any job for the client), click on + Upload Candidates provided on the top right of the page.

  2. In the following pop-up, you can choose a job and assign one or more candidates.
    Refer candidate(s) to a specific job from agency portal

  3. Click on Upload to finish the process.

My Profile

My profile on the respective client page has got essentially 2 sections.

About You

Where all the default details are added.
View 'My Profile' in Agency Portal

  1. You can further have the name of the agency changed for the client.

  2. Further, you can have other fields like Phone Number, GSTIN, and Office Address edited from here.

  3. However, the email address cannot be changed.

  4. Click on Update to complete the process.

Information shared with your client

Where you can have agreement/terms and conditions, POC name & contact, and agreement duration added. 

Click on Update upon making necessary changes.

View information shared with you clients

My Subscription

The various notifications are controlled from here. Please note that you need to have permission granted from the client-side to change the settings here.
Manage notifications on Agency Portal

Note: When you have 'Get via push notifications?' enabled for any of the listed scenarios, it appears on the bell icon provided to the top right corner on the page.

Quick References:
The topmost bar of the agency login has the following functionalities:
Agency portal dashboard

1. Clicking on the Skillate logo takes you to the home page of the agency login.
2. The sand-clock timer icon provides you with the resume parsing status..
3. All the notifications (if enabled) will appear by clicking on the bell icon.
4. You can have quick references done by clicking on the help center icon.
5. For logging out, click on the last icon on the screen.