Upon creating a new job on Skillate, you can start sourcing for candidates. You can assign an agency for a job in either of the two methods given below: 

Method 1: From Settings (you can assign more than one job for an agency)

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Administration > External Agency > Agency.

  2. Go to the required agency’s details page by clicking on the agency name.

  3. Navigate to Assigned Jobs tab.

  4. Click on +Assign Jobs.

  5. From the following pop-up, you can choose as many jobs as required to assign for the agency.

You can view all the assigned jobs from the Assigned Jobs tab.
From the same screen, you can:
1. Assign new jobs
2. View all assigned jobs
3. Unassign jobs

Method 2: From the job details page (you can assign more than one agency for the job)

  1. Navigate to the job details page and then to Source Candidates > Agency.

  2. You can set a limit to the number of candidates an agency can refer for the job here. Toggle the button ON and enter the number.
    By default, it will be set as 50 candidates. Click on Edit and enter the number as required.
    Set up agency capping for referring candidates

  3. Further, click on Assign Agency.

  4. In the following pop-up, add all the required agencies to assign for the job.
    Assigning jobs to all agencies

  5. You can also choose to assign an agency group by choosing for Groups.
    Assigning jobs to agency groups

  6. Upon choosing the agencies or agency group- click on Assign to complete the process.
    If you have chosen agency groups, all the agencies added to the respective group will be automatically assigned with the job.

You can disable an agency from the settings. Upon disabling, the agency cannot refer any candidates to any jobs. However, they will continue to get updates on the already referred candidates.

If the disabled agency is part of an agency group and has been assigned a job-- they won't be receiving any notifications about the respective job.