This article will help you understand why are we having the six tabs. If you are looking to how to use these tabs, please refer to this article and the following ones.

Skillate allows you to configure offer letters for your organization from Settings > General Configuration > Offer Configuration. However, before stepping into configuring them- it is essential that you understand what each tab means on Skillate and how it helps in generating the offer letter for your organization.


When you navigate to the Settings > General Configuration > Offer Configuration, you will find six placeholders, and here is what they do:

  • Form FieldsOn Skillate, while generating an offer letter- you (recruiter) will be prompted to fill up the fields that are defined and used for a chosen template. Upon filling up the details, the placeholders will be replaced with the values entered by the recruiter. 

    It must be noted that only the custom placeholders will be prompted to be filled. However, default placeholders are filled up by Skillate by itself. 

    Those fields which you are defining here will appear on the pop-up as below:

  • PlaceholdersTechnically, these can be a character or word or string of characters that can temporarily take the place of final data.  

    On Skillate, these placeholders are for your candidate offer letter. These while generating an offer letter for a candidate will be replaced by the relevant details that are added by the recruiter. You can add and manage any number of placeholders on Skillate.

    A placeholder on the offer letter can be those terms that will change from one offer letter to the other. 

    Suppose you have uploaded an offer letter template on Skillate with all necessary placeholders, while generating the offers, these will be replaced by the values w.r.t. the respective job offer letter.

    In the below screenshot, the recruiter has uploaded an offer template with highlighted placeholders.

    Now, while generating offer letter- these placeholders: {{candidate_full_name}}, {{grade}}, {start_date}}, etc. will be replaced as per the respective candidate’s offer details filled up by the recruiter.

    Below is the screenshot of the same for your reference:


  • Templates: Skillate allows you to upload an offer template that suits your organization.  Please note that it must be in .docx format and uploaded with the required placeholders.

  • Form: With the form fields you have created, here is where you can create the actual form which will be prompted while generating an offer letter.

    Case 1: 
    Creating a form and choosing an offer template

    You can create any number of forms from here, but in order to have the same available to choose from while generating the offer, please be sure that it is validated beforehand.

    Case 2: 
    Creating a form and choosing to directly upload the offer letter

When you choose this option, you do not have to select an offer letter template from here. Also, while creating an offer you can simply upload the offer letter.

In this case, the form you have created is validated automatically and doesn’t require any additional steps.

While creating a form, you will be prompted to upload a template. All the placeholders which need to be replaced with appropriate details have to be defined while creating the form. 

What is validation for forms?
Upon adding the necessary placholders on the template and uploading them, this step checks if all the placeholders present on the template are working properly.

It also ensures that all the placeholders present on the template are added to the system. In case of any missing placeholders, the system notifies you.
Also, this process is for all placeholders except for formula fields.

For validating form fields:

  • Click on a form from Forms on Offer Configuration and click on Validate.
  • Add sample values.
  • Click on Generate to finish the process. 
  • Only upon validating all the fields, the form will be ready to use.

  • Approval Chain: Similar to the job approval chain you are familiar with, you can have the offer letter approval chain defined here. As per the approval chain, you have added here:

    While creating the job:
    - the default offer approval chain will be added to the job.
    - if the job created has the 
    office and department matching the approval chain you have configured for a specific office or department, the office/department chain will be considered.

  • Customize Approval Page: From here, you can control the various details that will be shared with the approvers along with the approval request form.

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