A candidate will undergo multiple screening processes before getting hired by an organization. Our Hiring Plan feature works with the same concept.


Let us look at a candidate’s lifecycle while hiring through Skillate.


  1. Screen - this is the first stage for any candidate. By default, any candidate sourced directly or added to a job manually is added to the ‘screen’ stage of the respective job. 

  2. HM Review - this stage ensures that the associated hiring manager reviews the candidate profiles and further approves or short-lists them. 

  3. Assessment - You can move all the shortlisted candidates to the assessment stage. Here, you will have to enable any online assessment platforms available on Skillate before configuring the rounds.

  4. Interview Stages - These are the stages defined by recruiters to move a candidate to once they clear the ‘screen’ stage. The number of interview rounds can differ depending on the hiring plan that the organization follows. Interviews can be a physical interview or an online interview to invite one or more interviewers.

  5. Pre Offer - The stage ensures that all the candidates' documents and details during the interview process are valid. It is essential to confirm the authenticity of the candidate.

  6. Offer stage - Upon clearing all other stages of the hiring plan, recruiters can move a candidate to the 'Offer Stage'. Recruiters can draft the candidate’s offer letter and roll it out. Learn more about configuring offer letters here.

  7. Hired - Once a candidate accepts a job offer, you can mark the candidate as hired, and the candidate will not be listed for any other jobs.

  8. Rejected/On-Hold - Recruiters can reject or put a candidate on hold at any stage of the hiring process.


A candidate can be active in only one job recruitment process at a time (stage of a job). However, there is no limitation to the number of jobs they can apply for or add. Similarly, a candidate can be kept ‘on hold’ for only one job at a time.

You can move a candidate from an interview stage to another job’s active interview stage. Please note that the candidate will be made inactive in the previous job’s interview stage by doing so.

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