A job admin can take the candidate assigned to a job opening through various stages of the hiring plan by scheduling interviews, tests, internal assessments, etc.

Each job allows respective admins to configure their custom hiring plan, but site admins can also configure a default hiring plan to keep things simple. Admins can still modify the hiring plan in each job if they want to.


This article helps you understand:

  1. What is the default hiring plan in Skillate?

  2. How to create a custom hiring plan?


Default Hiring Plan

When you log in to Skillate, a default hiring plan will be available to use. Your hiring plan is the skeleton of your hiring process. Our default hiring plan is to help you get started with it. 

Follow the below steps to get started with the default hiring plan:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Job Setup > Hiring Plan > Hiring Plan Setup

  2. Click on Default Hiring Plan

  3. You can set up milestones for your hiring process from Milestone Configuration

  4. Add stages to each milestone.

  5. For each of the stages, you can further add rounds as required.

Learn more about milestones, stages, and rounds here.

Default flow will be applied to all new jobs created. However, recruiters can still change the flow for each job. It will not affect the default flow.

If you make any changes to an existing hiring plan from settings, the jobs created upon saving the changes will update the hiring plan. Existing jobs will not be affected.

Creating Multiple Hiring Plans

We understand that every organization has its own hiring process. Let's say that you have multiple office locations and they follow their own hiring process. At Skillate, you can have them configured. 

Before creating multiple hiring plans, we recommend you get in touch with your Skillate POC.

All you need to do is-

  1. Navigate to Settings > Job Setup > Hiring Plan > Hiring Plan Setup

  2. Click on +Create Hiring Plan.

  3. Select a Location, Department, and Grade from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click on Add to create.

  5. Now, your new hiring plan will be listed with a name in the format: Location, Department, Grade, along with default stages: Screening, Offered, and Hired.

  6. Click on the hiring plan, and you can view a structure ready with all milestones as configured and default stages.

  7. Follow the steps on adding stages and rounds to customize it further.

  8. If you wish to delete the hiring plan, click on the Delete icon.

You can edit the Hiring Plan for a specific location, department and grade:
1. Navigate to Settings > Job Setup > Hiring Plan > Location-Department-Grade specific hiring plan. 

2. Click on Edit icon and you can change the department-location grade.

Those jobs created (after making the changes) matching the department-location-grade criteria will have the hiring plan mapped as its default hiring plan.

Learn more about configuring hiring plan at job level here.