We have brought in some changes to our existing reports. Reports (New) is renamed as  Reports & Analytics. It has enhanced UI and features added for a better user experience. Do check them out!

Types of Reports

Skillate has got five reports (or six when Sourcing Analytics is included) and you can choose from the drop-down list on the Analytics module. Below are the available reports on Analytics.

  1. Job Status Report

    You can view the number of jobs that fall into various job status-es. Like the draft, approval pending, open, on hold, etc. These reports can be further refined to job, department, location, or recruiter level.

  2. Job Age Report

    Would you like to know the average number of days a job stays in one status like on draft, approval pending, or open? Here is the report crafted for you. These reports can be further refined to job, department, location, or recruiter level.

  1. User Activity Report

    The ‘User Activity Report’ gives you a gist of the number of candidates who had interviews scheduled, moved to the next stage, moved to offer, moved to the ‘hired’ stage, candidates who were rejected, and candidates who were put on hold.

    You choose one or more categories from the six categories on top and the chart gets updated automatically (as per the day or range of days).

    In the above screenshot, three categories are chosen for the report- Interview scheduled, Moved to Offer, and Moved to Hire. It is set for a range of days, to be viewed ‘day-wise’.

    When you hover over any of the bars, you can view the split (refer to the below screenshot for the same).

  2. Milestone analytics (New)
    You will have a set of milestones created for your hiring plan. The new report- Milestone analytics provides you with a detailed view of how many candidates were part of each milestone and the number of candidates who were moved to the next milestone, active on the respective milestone, got rejected while on the respective milestone, or kept on hold.

    You can choose if you want to have all 4 categories to be displayed on your report by clicking on the respective boxes.

    Hovering over the bar for a milestone will display a detailed split of candidates in that milestone.

    Candidate Conversion Statistics gets you the percentage of candidates who were moved to the milestone. In the above screenshot, you can say that more than 80% of candidates were moved to the milestone: HR Interview.

  3. Recruiter Analytics (New)
    A must-have report as a recruiter. The report gives you a detailed view of various categories of the hiring process like the number of open positions, the number of interviews scheduled, candidates moved to the next stage, offers rolled out, candidates hired, and candidates rejected.

    You can select one or more from the six categories provided and your report will be generated accordingly.

    Let’s say you would like to view the number of candidates who were managed by each hiring manager. Fret not, we’ve got you covered that as well on the same reports page.

Should you have any questions, feedback or suggestions- please feel free to reach out to us at solutions@skillate.com.

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