Have you come across our new dashboard yet? It is called “Overview” now and we’re sure that you will love the enhancements that we have added to it.

To help you understand the Overview section better, here is a list of things you can explore:

  1. Get started with the filters.
    You can: 

  • Choose from your jobs, your teams, or groups.

  • If you choose a team or group, you can view the list of users from the respective team or group. You can select one or more users.

  • We have got all the roles listed here. You can choose from them.

  • Clicking on Advanced Filters will let you choose Location and Department.

  1. Choose a day or a range of days and filter out the details.
    Voila! you have your dashboard ready.

  1. Understanding various sections in the overview

Once you have chosen the filter, we have the numbers decked up and ready to view. The first row right below the filters will tell you:

  • Open Requisitions: The number of ‘open jobs’ that fall under the filter you have set. Let’s say you are viewing jobs assigned to you, then this category will show the number of jobs where you are part of the hiring team.

Click on the number and you will be taken to the Jobs list page.

  • Open Positions: Just like open requisitions, as per the filter you have applied- you can view the number of open positions assigned to you or your team, or the group.
    Click on the number and you will be taken to the 
    Jobs list page.

  • OfferedKnow the number of candidates who are offered a job. It is again, as per the filter you have applied. Click on the number to get more details about candidates in the offer stage. Learn more.

  • Hired: View the number of candidates who are hired for a job by you, your team, or your group. The number displayed is again dependent on the filters you have applied. You can click on the number displayed to view more details. Learn more.

  1. Know what is pending for your team
    When you have the filters added- that is, suppose you have chosen if you want to view the dashboard for your jobs, your teams’ or your groups’. You will be able to see the following details as well!

  • Interviews to be scheduled

  • Feedback to be collected

  • Candidate form to be sent

  • Assessment to be sent

  • Send candidates for review

  • Candidate to be moved to next stage

    Note: Clicking on View all will navigate you to the detailed list page of the respective category

  1. Don’t miss out on ‘your pending tasks’
    It is important that you have a track on those jobs which are directly assigned to you. Never miss out on scheduling an interview and submitting feedback. Your dashboard has got them covered for you! 

Should you have any questions, feedback or suggestions- please feel free to reach out to us at solutions@skillate.com.

Until next time,

The Skillate Team


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