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Major feature release:

Below is the list of major features that were released by Skillate in the month of July.

Using tags for candidates

Tags help you to group candidates and find them easily when associated with a job. Earlier, adding tags was allowed only after adding the candidate on Skillate. But now, you can add tags to a candidate right when you are uploading the profile.

Adding a hired candidate as a user

Earlier, when you have hired a candidate- you had to manually add the candidate as a user in Skillate from Settings. 

Now, we have made it easy for you. 

  • When you mark a candidate as hired, you will be prompted to confirm if they have joined the organization or not.

  • Clicking on Mark as Joined” will take you to a pop-up asking the joining date

  • Further, you can add the candidate as a user in Skillate.

  • After adding the necessary details, click on Save.

Upload Offer Letter

There are times when you have complex calculations as part of your offer letter. An offer letter template may not work on such occasions. Fret not. We have got you covered! 
You can now upload the offer letter directly from your system. Follow the below steps to get started with it:

  • Navigate to Settings > General Configuration > Offer Configuration > Forms > Create New Form. 
  • Add a name for the form.

  • Check the box provided for ‘Directly Upload Offer Letter’.

  • Click on Create. You have successfully added the form to the offer form list.

  • Navigate to any of the jobs in the Offer stage.

  • Select a candidate and go to the candidate details page.

  • Click on Create and offer provided below the Offer stage.

  • You will find the offer form you have created earlier in the drop-down. Once you have selected that form, you can view the option to upload the offer letter.

Agency Groups

When you have more than one agency to be assigned for a job, adding them manually will be a hectic task. Instead, you can navigate to Settings > Administration > External Recruiters > Agency Groups and group these agencies. 

Later, to assign the agency group to a job,

  • Navigate to a job details page and go to Source Candidates > Agency.

  • You can choose Groups and select the agency group from the drop-down menu.

  • Click on Assign.

Notify users upon submitting a form

You can send alerts to users upon a candidate or interviewer submitting a form.

  • Navigate to Settings > Job Setup > Hiring Plan. 

  • Select any of the Hiring Plan and click on Configure provided against any of the Form stage. 

  • In the following pop-up, go to Notification, and you can add users to notify upon a form is being submitted. 

  • Click on Add.

Enhanced look for interview and feedback status

We've revamped the UI for viewing interview and feedback status. Do check them out!

Feature enhancements:

Check out a few of our feature enhancements that were released in the month of July below:

  1. Editing job due date
    We have restricted access to the editing job due date. If you wish to edit a job due date, you will have to enable the same by logging in to your Admin account.

  2. View department hierarchy on emails
    We have been displaying the department names on job approval and interview emails. But now, you can view the department hierarchy as a whole against the field label: Department.

  3. New Custom Field Type
    We have added a new custom field type called Multiple Attachments. You can find the field type by navigating to Settings > General Configuration > Custom Fields 

We’ve unveiled all our latest updates in this post. Over to you now- do give these features a spin.

Should you have any Questions? Feedback? Suggestions? feel free to reach out to us at solutions@skillate.com 

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The Skillate Team

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