Once you have created Sections for scorecards at the organization level, you can import these to create the required scorecard at the time of creating a new job. 

Here’s how you can do it: 

  1. Go to Jobs > New Job > Start from Scratch > Scorecard Stage. 

  2. In this stage, you will find the option to configure the sections and parameters for the scorecard.

  3. A scorecard with must-have skills will be auto-populated.
    Configuring Scorecard

  4. You can either import a group of sections or create new sections. 

  5. Click Import a group of sections, choose the group, and click Create.
    This will populate the scorecard with the desired sections and parameters. 

  6. Click on New Section and you can choose from already created sections. Or choose to copy from an existing job.
    Add sections to scorecard

  7. Choose the sections and click on Create Section to complete the process.

  8. The selected sections will be populated on your scorecard section.

At the time of creating a new job, you can choose to "Copy from existing job". Thus, the new job created will have the exact same scorecard as the existing job. Although, you can always change it for any particular job from its About section.

Enable scorecard creation from skills

You can also choose for creating 'scorecard parameters from skills' by toggling the button ON from Settings > Administration > Organization.

Manage Scorecard

We have introduced Manage Scorecard in Settings > Job Setup > Hiring Plan > Choose a hiring plan > Hiring Plan details page.
Hiring Plan Setup

It is available for both default and other hiring plans.

  • Upon clicking on Manage Scorecard, users can import sections and groups.
  • Please ensure that these sections and groups are pre-defined from Settings > Job Setup > Scorecard Configuration prior to adding it to a hiring plan.
  • All the jobs with the hiring plan will get the scorecard mapped automatically.
  • However, the scorecard can be further edited at a job level.

Important cases and outputs: 
While creating a new job:
  1. From Scratch → with default hiring plan → Scorecard will be copied.
  2. From Scratch → with hiring plan specific to a department or location → Scorecard will be copied.
  3. Copy from an existing job →
    • Hiring plan from the selected job → Scorecard will not be copied.
    • Global hiring plan → Scorecard will be copied.