A candidate in any stage can be marked as Reject or On hold. If neither of them is set, the candidate is considered to be active in that particular stage.

This article helps you understand - 

  • The concepts of marking a candidate as Rejected, On Hold, and Hired.

  • How to configure an automated rejection email?

  • When and how to mark a candidate as Hired?


Rejected or On Hold

To mark a candidate who has been assigned to a job as Rejected or On hold, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the respective Job details page > Candidates.
  2. Select from any of the listed candidates.
  3. On the following page, you will have options for rejecting or moving the candidate to On hold.
    Candidate details page

You can configure for ‘Rejection’ and ‘On hold’ reasons from Skillate. These will be listed upon you click on either of the two buttons provided. (refer to the screenshot above)

In case, if you can’t find the reason from the list. You can always add a reason by staying on the same page. 

  1. Click on +Create a new rejection reason or +Create a reason for on hold.

  2. Add a title. It will be better to have a short and direct reason as a title.

  3. Click on Add.

Configuring Automated Rejection Email

When you are rejecting a candidate profile for a job, upon choosing a reason for the rejection- you can choose to send an email.

  1. Select a reason for rejection from the drop-down list provided or add a new reason.

  2. Check the box for Send Rejection Email.

  3. From and To will be auto-filled. 

  4. Choose a template from the drop-down list or add a custom message.

  5. Click on Reject.

Mark as Hired

A candidate who is in the Offer stage of a job can be marked as Hired. From a candidate details page of a job, you will have the option to mark them as Hired.