Once the candidate form is created and configured in the hiring plan, it can be sent out by users with permission on the job. 

Permission: Site Admin, Job Admin

Sending candidate Form

  1. Navigate to Job > Candidates.

  2. Select the stage at which the candidate form is configured. 

  3. Click on Send Form.

  4. Before sending it, you can edit the subject line and body of the mail. Please ensure that you add the placeholder {{form_link}} in order to add the form to your email.

  5. Additionally, you can attach any file to the mail. Click Submit.

Viewing submitted form

Once the candidate has filled up the form, you can view the data by either of the two ways provided below:

  1. Visiting the respective job > Candidates > Stage. Click on View Details provided against Candidate Submitted.

  2. The hiring team will receive an email as soon as the candidate submits the form.