Remote hiring became a norm since the pandemic. Skillate has got you covered for conducting smooth online interviews. 

This article helps you understand:

  1. How to schedule an interview in Google Meet?

  2. How to notify candidates and interviewers regarding the interview?

  3. How to set up a confirmation email from the interview scheduling page itself?

  4. How to schedule interviews using shared calendar in Google?


Follow the below steps to set up your interview on Google Meet via Skillate.

  1. Navigate to Jobs, select a job for which you would like to schedule an interview.

  2. Go to Candidates > Interview > Interview Stage. Click on Schedule Interview.

  3. Choose for Schedule Manually.

  4. Add users to the interviewers’ list, choose a date and time, time zone.

  5. In the Meeting Mode, choose Google Meet.
    You will be asked to sign in using Google if it is the first time that you are scheduling the interview.

  6. Once signed in, the calendar for selected users will be automatically synced to Skillate’s google calendar interface.
    Schedule interview manually

  7. You can choose if the users should be present on call by choosing from the drop-down of Required or Optional.

    Note: The candidate’s profile will be added and availability will be in the disabled state. 

  8. Further, external interviewers and collaborators can be added. You can add any external email address for an external interviewer. However, collaborators should be from within the organization and a Skillate user.

    Note: You cannot view the calendar of both external interviewers and collaborators.

  9. Select a calendar: If you have chosen for Google calendar, select a shared calendar from the drop-down menu. 

    If you can't find the option to choose the shared calendar, please contact your Skillate POC to get it enabled.

    When you are scheduling an interview for a candidate, the users in the shared calendar with "Make changes and manage sharing" permission can edit & delete the interview from Skillate.

    If a user who is not part of the shared calendar tries to update the interview, they will be prompted about not having access(Refer to the screenshot below).
    View embedded calendar

    If a user is part of the shared calendar but not added to the interview, they can still update or cancel the interview. (Depending on their job accessibility). 

    Learn more about creating and sharing calendars on Google here.

  10. Add Comments if any.

  11. You can also choose to send interview confirmation to the candidate by checking the check-box.

  12. Below which you can set up the confirmation email which will be sent to the candidate, The email body is customizable.

    Please ensure that you have added the placeholder - {{conference_link}} to the email body. Upon adding it, the candidate will receive the interview link along with the email.

  13. Click on Schedule Interview to complete the process.

If you have chosen for Google Calendar integration from Settings > Administration > Organization > Configuration > Calendar Integration- you will get the option to choose to schedule the interview either from Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.

Whereas, if you have chosen for Microsoft Calendar integration from Settings > Administration > Organization > Configuration > Calendar Integration- you will be restricted with the option to schedule meeting only from Microsoft Teams.
Choose a calendar from settings

Learn more about Scheduling Interview.