When a candidate is in the interview stage and if you have configured for at least one interview in the hiring plan, Skillate provides the functionality of scheduling interviews for the candidate


This article helps you understand:

  1. How to schedule an interview?

  2. What are the different ways to schedule an interview?

  3. What are the various meeting modes available?

  4. How to view the interview schedule status?

  5. How can interviewers and candidates mark their availability for the interview?


Scheduling an Interview



  1. Navigate to the job’s details page and then to Candidates.

  2. Select the candidate who is in the Interview stage of your hiring process.

  3. Go to their details page and click on Schedule Interview provided in Jobs > Stages.

  4. Select how would you like to schedule the interview from the two options provided.

    • Schedule ManuallySelect this approach if you wish to schedule the interview manually for the candidate. You will have to set a time for the interview, invite interviewers and later confirm the time with the candidate as well.

  1. Fill in the details as required.
  2. Choose a Meeting Mode from the drop-down menu. 
    - You can schedule an interview at a specific location or an online interview via Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.
    - You will be asked to Sign in with Google or Sign in with Microsoft on your first interview scheduling.
  3. You can configure the candidate confirmation email from the same page. Review the details that are pre-filled for you.
  4. Ensure that you add the conference link placeholder in the candidate confirmation email.
  5. Additionally, add job details and organization details to your email by checking the boxes provided.
  6. Add attachments, if any.

Schedule using ChatbotThe interview date and time will be confirmed via a chatbot (for both interviewers and candidates).

  1. Select the users as interviewers from the drop-down menu.

  2. Choose if all the added interviewers need to be present for the interview or if any one of them can conduct it.

  3. Select a Meeting Mode from the drop-down menu.

  4. Choose a date or range of dates- by which the interview should be conducted.

  5. You can choose a time zone and interview duration before completing the process.

  6. Click on Schedule Interview.

Viewing Scheduled Interview Details (Interviewer)

Upon scheduling the interview from Skillate, the interviewers will be notified regarding the same via email.

  1. The interviewer will have the calendar blocked for the selected time slot.
  2. From the email, clicking on the Click here for details will navigate to the Feedback form. Other details about the job and candidate are available to view from respective tabs.

Marking Availability (Interviewer) via email

Interviewer and candidates will be shared the link to the conference call scheduled via email. They can accept or reject the call right from the email. 

Accordingly, their calendar will be blocked.

Marking Availability (Interviewer) via Chatbot


Upon scheduling an interview via chatbot, the selected users (interviewers) will receive an email to mark their availability. 

  1. By clicking on the link provided in the email, they will be taken to a screen similar to the screenshot provided below:
  2. The interviewers can select a date and block their calendar for the interview, or decline the interview, or review the candidate profile before marking their availability.
  3. Clicking on Select Dates will open a calendar within the same page, where the time slot can be blocked. Click on Submit to schedule the interview.

Candidate Availability via Chatbot

Upon an interviewer confirming the interview schedule, the respective candidate will be sent an email for marking their availability.

  1. Click on the CTA will take them to the interview chatbot. 

  2. The candidate can view the interviewer’s availability and confirm their own availability.

  3. Further, they can click on I need help and mark that they are unavailable, decline the interview, or request to select a different date.

  4. You can watch the video walkthrough on how to schedule interviews via chatbot here:

Viewing Interview Scheduling Status

  1. Navigate to the job’s Candidates > Interview Stage.

  2. Click on the Status provided against the interview name.

  3. In the following screen, you can view the status of the interview schedule.


Case #1: Manual interview scheduling



Case #2: Chatbot interview scheduling

You can cancel a scheduled interview from the respective candidate profile by selecting a reason from the drop-down menu.

You can also refer to our video walkthrough of how to schedule interviews on Skillate here:


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