You can import candidates directly from a spreadsheet in the CSV or Excel formats and add them to Skillate. This is frequently useful when you are using a different ATS or maintaining data on a spreadsheet. 


Follow the below step to get started with the bulk import of candidates from a spreadsheet:


  • Navigate to the Settings > Sourcing Configuration > Bulk Import Candidates.

    Note: Make sure your spreadsheet has the following information about the candidate.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Resume Text
    If resume text is not present you can include the following:
    • Current Position 
    • Company,
    • Years of Experience
    • Recent College 
    • Degree.
      Each of these fields should be represented as a column in your spreadsheet. 
  1. Click on Bulk Import Candidates and you can choose a file to upload from the following pop-up screen.
    Bulk Import Candidates

  2. Upon selecting the file, you can view the file name on the Skillate. 
    Click on Continue to proceed with the process.
    Bulk Import Candidates

  3. From Attach to Job, you can easily map these candidates to an existing active job. 
    Choose a job from the drop-down menu for the same.
    Bulk Import Candidates and add to job

You can proceed without mapping the candidates to a job too.

  1. From Map Columns, you can simply choose the column from which the data should be mapped to the existing fields on Skillate.
    Mapping columns

    For example: For the Candidate Name on Skillate, you will have to choose from the drop-down menu of the column headers from the spreadsheet. The system reads the column headers and gets them listed for you here.

  2. Upon selecting the column header on the spreadsheet, the corresponding column number and details in the column are mapped automatically in no time.
    Mapping columns

  3. When you complete mapping the fields, click on Start Importing. 
    The candidate details will be added to Skillate within a few minutes.